You've got 12 weeks - Balrog


:haha: :haha: rotflmao

You crack me up Wooly


Big Naughty Bumpage! (Saw TFW @Balrog thread and it reminded me of this!)



Missed TF’s @Balrog post. Do you mean DT

1 door frame constructed since last update :wink: £1500 worth of wood still hung up un the garage.


Aye, that would be the one! :slight_smile:


Yeah, this Global Warming is messing things up :frowning:

Due to the unpredictable weather swings, it’s best to double the time needed to let the wood acclimatise before attempting to work with it :wink:


None of this steam kiln stuff for me, wood’s got to be seasoned properly. Seem to remember its something like 2 years per inch thickness (from when I did my GCE woodwork). So the doorframes are 18mm thick so that’s 17 months - May 2008 before I can use it.

Nice one Wooly :slight_smile:


should be ready just in time for you to make your coffin, if Mrs B ever reads this :wink:


At KefKef’s request… bump!


Thought I posted in here that I had knocked through a doorway, fitted a frame and door all on a Saturday.
No argument there, its done. Door opens and closes.

However it must be some sort of forcefield or hidden incatantion in this thread thats halted all progress on said door since I posted.
Theres no paint on the frame and I never did finish the woodwork round the hallway side of the frame.



Do you think it’s maybe time Mrs.B hired someone in to do the work… :smiley:


Hey, you’ll all be amazed in 3 years time.


Some of us are amazed now Mr B :worship:

It’s great to be in the presence of an expert :wink: :chuckle:


amazed that its still it the garage and not in the divorce court as ‘Evidence #1’, and a matching bruise on your bonce! :chuckle:


And in the interests of keeping Mr.B on his toes after the talk of power tools in his thread I do bump this:sarcwave: :devil:


and on another mention of Mr.B. amazing DIY adventures in the Lowfield Thread I bump this for comedy value. :chuckle:


Just done a search for Plasma’s and this thread came up…

In the words of my son… “are we there yet” :smiley:




How are you all.


I’m wondering how you’re still alive Balrog :lol:

Good to see you though :smiley:


holy thread revival batman, been a while since we have seen Mr.B on these fair boards


Hello Mr B. :wave: Long time no hear m8.