101 Uses for.....

…a can of Coca Cola™

What can it be used for? One answer per post please and no posting straight after yourself :wink:

  1. to clean the toilet
  1. Holding Coca Cola

stopping a car rolling back on a hill when the hand brakes broken

cleaning blood off pavements (see Mythbusters for details)

Rotting your teeth

cleaning you car battery of all that nasty crusty stuff

throwing at ppl you dont like !!

To settle an upset stomach (put a little warm water in it to take fizz out)

Limescale remover? (I tried table vinegar, wasn’t quite strong enough and stank…)

Edit, doh! That’s same as Rid’s…

erm… erm… curry diluter.

If you had two you could stand on them in order to see over the row in front of you at a concert?

money laundering!
just put a 2p piece into a glass of coke overnight and the next day it comes out all clean and shiny! :smiley:

:lol: all of the above

to drink the contents from! :moon:

Personally hooked on diet coke, the vending machines in the office are free! :eek: At least it isn’t an expensive coke habit, when I go to Califonia!

Attracting bees at a picnic.

removing tarnish from jewellery

Mixing with JD (one for Dezy :smiley: )

revenge in someones petrol tank

Ah yes, to mix with a good Kentucky Bourbon or Vodka:nod:

building a ship out of coca cola cans(when their empty of course!)

the can can be used to make shims