What does the management think about having a single standard unobtrusive banner ad placed in the derelict space just to the right of the TPR logo up there? This site is quite well known to google and im sure that the revenue would help towards hosting/forum software costs :slight_smile:

Obviously keep it sane, IE no banner between every post + 5 winfixer popups. Just the one banner for say crucial or ebay. I know there are affiliate links buried in a post somewhere but considering that we do get quite a bit of non member traffic thru google etc, prehaps a banner up there would be more lucrative?

Yay or nay?

TPR is pretty well known - and a lot of the O/c’ers use Crucial by choice for maximum performance, so something saying (eg) ‘TPR - powered by Crucial’ would not be innaccurate. Personally, i’m ok with the idea, so long as its not OCUK! :wink:

tbh, the funds from the affiliate links have been enough to keep us going, and with Muppet looking after the hosting I can’t see it getting more expensive. There’s over £200 in the affiliate kitty as is, and sitting there earning interest, I personally think we should stay advert free.


I’d just as soon see our forums remain ad-free. I like places like this where I’m not bombarded by people trying to sell me stuff (I know one ad is not a bombardment, but it’s the principle of the thing).

If funding is the issue, I’m willing to chip to support our team.

If we don’t need the funds, I’d much rather stay totally Ad free.

Ad-free for me please. :nod: I’m quite happy to just chip in for hosting fees, etc, like I’ve done in the past.

Another ad-free fan here :agree:

heres another thought. gives a % moneyback on stuff bought through them. I just got just under £100 in a year, so how about we open a TPR email address to gather any points anyone earned and we all look at putting internet purchases through them if possible?

More than happy to add more affiliate accounts if felt needed, but there is a fine line where we get overload, there is no issue with running costs of the forums at this moment in time.


No ad’s for me thanks :wink:

ad free is best…nuff said

While we have the ability to cover our cost’s TPR shall remain 100% add free

The way it should be.

Ad free if possible.

No problems using affliate links for my online shopping. Just replaced all my links with the affliate links and off we go.

Ah. I didnt know the was 200 squids lying around. Well if we fall on hard times prehaps its an idea :slight_smile:

To update then, the affiliate account has £245.51 in it at the moment, the crucial affiliate link is a couple of dollars off the payout threshold, the tradedoubler so far is basically my spending on parcel2go flogging stuff and the amazon payout is due soon as the quarter has just ended. There may be some spending from the account done soon with regards to the stats site that is work in progress.
Our costs are pretty low and the users tend to cover any shortfalls if they were to appear, as shown by the willingness in this thread.


Obviously the Admin/Mods/Users are doing a cracking job as we’ve held our
own without issues for a few year’s now.

I’m sure if money matters did crop up the TPR public as a whole would be kept
informed of such matters and such suggestions best kept for such a time.

May that time never come.

might be an idea to get a home page up and running ? so tpr isnt a forum only thing ? with all the guides on the website… rather than all over the forums… as tpr forums look very daunting for new members… :slight_smile:

my 2p

and ads dont bother me :slight_smile:

We do…… of which this forum is a subdomain. It just hasnt been updated since the stone age.

well then what if someone was given the task to update it ? or maybe a complete redisign !!

There are plans to get things like this revamped and re-launched, it’s all down to time constraints and other things taking priority, like the stattomatic. It’s very hard to communicate what links will be needed and where to with a large project with so many potential needs to fulfill.