Any Objections?

Does anyone have any objections to using $50 of the TPR fund to purchase a licence for the java irc client that’s located here?

The client will connect you right to the chatroom that we all use, also the Ogame chat room.

WHY ???

Cant people just use download IRC or equivalent and use that ?

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Java IRC can work on Port 80 can it not? E.g i can download an IRC client in work, but I cant use it because the ports are blocked.

If the Java IRC works on port 80 and therefore will get past most networks, then thats great :slight_smile:

I say buy!


Got to go with Sarge on this one, As one who has personally contributed cash to this endeavor I think it is a waste of my hard earned contribution. Easy for votes to say go for it when you don’t have much skin in the game.

PS if you can’t IRC @ work there is a reason. And how many licenses does this entitle you to? Unlimited?

I aint a tpr member so to speak , but i have been to most mojo’s do’s and i thhink it a bloody good idea to use the money for this

you kicked him in the who ? with a what ?

Sorry? Doesn’t it only need one licence for the server? The one’s connecting to the server wont need a licence just the java app which is free. And sorry major a lot of people have put money in either through the affil’ link or straight from their own pockets so you’re not the only one.

I say go for it, we’ve got over 5yrs worth of hosting/vb licence so why not make it easier for those that aren’t pc savey?

The registration is lifetime for the domain from which the application is ran and registered. The domain may not be TPR main, I would recommend that the domain choice would need some evaluation of the traffic levels such an application would require.

The software in demo format has been running since as far back as I can remember on the hosted by Damski. Please take the time to visit and evaluate the software.


The Java client’s still blocked at uni, so it probably won’t get round the other firewalls. I just get the error “Unable to connect to server.”

Mirc is free to download… dont think this is such a good idea…gotta agree with the Major on this… money could be spent better :slight_smile:

To me it seems a good idea…


Its loverly for those like me who rarely venture into IRC

Its a simple click {url} link … enter your nick and your there

It allows even the most non computer savvy person to get
straight in and chatting.

I’ve run numerious irc clients, and those who are savvy will install
but those that don’t want to go through the hassle of setting an
IRC proggy up can take a simpler option

That is worth the $50 one off for a life time licence to me… !!!

You have to remember not everyone who come’s here will understand
or have the ability to get up and running on IRC easily so why not make
it easy for everyone.

$50 PMM - about £26 at current exchange rates.


If you really want to do it, I will donate a little more to the cash reserve if you say where and how.:slight_smile:

Even better… :nod:

I don’t IRC myself, but the cost of this is hardly anything. If it helps many people, why not? I’m not aware of any other team requirements dying for a cash injection.

Dammo would still host the java irc on his site btw :slight_smile:

The money that would be used to pay for this if the vote passes is from the affiliate links, so technically none of us have put anything out of our own pocket that we weren’t going to spend anyway.

Well true that some of the money in the general fund does come from th affilliated links, but not all over the years, I know Mojo and I have both contributed cash to the fund to keep TPR on line in the past.

Personally, it will be my last contribution to TPR if the funds are spent this way. Let’s not get itchy fingers on that pool of money, it is earmarked for Board support. If anything I would rather improve our hosting with Muppet. I certainly don’t want to set a precedence.

Use of these funds in this way would sadden me, it would be for a very limited audience. Your IRC time availability is certainly not my IRC availability. I guess all the more reason to look for a place closer to home. :frowning:

Not being funny here but we have over £200 from the affiliate links alone (if I’m recalling correctly) and this is the money that is being used. Not the money you’ve contributed over the years, that was spent on hosting or whatever else. We started doing affiliates to generate income for the site to save asking people to put their hands in their pocket.

Sorry but to me your arguement that you don’t want your money spent in this way is invalid as the money is from the affiliate fund. As for not contributing to TPR again if what you think is your money is being spent on something you don’t want then that is your prerogative.

As it says in the IRC as you enter… te irc channel has nothing to do with TPR forum… dont change that…

I belive that the funds that are available can be put to use for additionals projects, that can help TPR develope as a team and as a community.

This developement should not be only dicated by thoose who have throw the most money into the pot, crunch the most or shout the loudest.

Maybe DT can confirm this, but there is there is more than enough bandwidth capacity for the forums and I have very rearly seen any problems with the board. Also the from the thread in the senate there is ample funds (£273), mostly from the affiliate links, which everyone who uses them contributes to the forums pot of funds.