Anyone live in or around London???

I might be in London around the middle of next month to setup our new offices. Active Directory, routers, email etc. Maybe I can meet a few of you while I’m there?

I’m half hour away on the train, let me know nearer the time. Be great to meet up :thumbsup:


Maybe we could organise a mini meet somewhere ?

Sounds like a good idea, nothing is cast in stone yet so I’ll have to play it by ear. I should know at least 4 days before I get there:eek: The company I work for isn’t big on the time thing.

Hmmm, looks like I’m landing on Sunday 23rd of this month and staying at 350 Oxford St in London. I think it’s The Radisson. I’ll be there for 14 days which makes for plenty of time to sight see and do my work.

Sooooo, who wants to meet up for a beer or 24?

you do realise that means you are in the UK for Mojos weekend don’t you :smiley:

Plenty of people to pick you up from the station :smiley:


That is not a bad idea at all, work allowing of course.

Company given me a 60 quid per day spending allowance of which 30 is for travel/meals and the other I can do with what I want.

Hmmm, starting to hatch a plan.

What would the tube cost from Oxford St to where ever Mojo’s is?

Well if you could get to London Euston then you could get return journey for £45.10 :smiley:

Not big on trains myself, just had a quick random poke around
Seems a return could be got from £40 upwards, depending on times etc. from London Euston to Shrewsbury, changing once at either Crewe or Birmingham. Was there a closer station?

Oh, add a little bit more to get to from Oxford Street to train station, the tube is relatively inexpensive…

Blimmin heck, that’s a small fortune:eek:

For a 3400 km return trip in my neck of the woods it only costs R900-00 (80 quid)

Yup, it’s expensive here compared to most of Europe. Oh, I think Welshpool is closer than Shrewsbury and using that gives the fare Hids posted. Can someone confirm?

Well, if work permits I’ll definitely be there. I’d really like to put faces/personalities to the names:nod:

Can a cab be had from the station to Mojo’s?

Welshpool is closer yeah. Thats where the Morrison’s is AFAIK and would be where you’d get a lift.


And if JUGGY can get from South Africa to a Mojo’s I may just have to reevaluate my position! :eek:

That would be from Cape Town, South Africa. It’s the furthest southern city on the African continent.

Distance between Cape Town, South Africa and London, England, United Kingdom, as the crow flies:
5979 miles (9623 km) (5196 nautical miles)

Initial heading from Cape Town to London:
north-northwest (348.5 degrees)
Initial heading from London to Cape Town:
south-southeast (164.6 degrees)

Anyone want me to bring them a Lion;)

Ok, what is the name of the station/area I would get off for Mojo’s?

Welshpool :wink:

And how far is that from Mojo’s joint?

Um…couple of miles IIRC. 5 minute drive IIRC…

Sure someone could nip across and give you a lift

I’d prefer a Windhoek :wink:

I’m sure there’d be no probs on someone collecting you from Welshpool station, Juggy :agree:

Depending on train time and what way it goes, you could even end up on same train as us if you can make it :lol: