Anyone live in or around London???

He said he’s here to work, not slack off to Mojo’s on Thursday!:stuck_out_tongue:

If my weekend is open I’ll definitely be making my way to you guys for an evening. I hear thr trains stop at 11PM but there are still night buses. I could always stay over for the evening I’m sure. When I get a few pints in me I can’t stop talking so there’ll be no sleeping for anyone;)

Unfortunately, due to oldest son being on holiday and coming home on the Friday we won’t be there til Friday evening :frowning:

is he grounded when he gets back ? :lol:

Why would I ground him?

for delaying your trip to mojos :wink:

Slacker :smackbum:

Who’s gonna set it up now then? :stuck_out_tongue:

(bit rich coming from someone who probably wont be there:rolleyes: )

Juggy, someone will pick you up from the station on whatever day you come up, I’d recomend stopping over as it means you can relax and not worry about leaving as soon as you have arrived. It’d be great to put a face & drinking habbits to a name, or even a real name !

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

I’ll know next week if all is on track::thumbsup: If so I’ll definitely make a trip to Mojo’s to meet all of you.

Excellent :woot:

9000 km’s to see a few faces:eek:

cool :slight_smile:

The fare that I found from London Euston to Welshpool via Birmingham New Street was £10.00 single (so £20 for once each way). Leaves Euston at 8:40 on 28th July, gets into Welshpool at 11:50. It also leaves every two hours afterwards until 14:40. I don’t know how long the train you’ve found takes, but at half the price, maybe worth it? The return journey is about 5 hours though, via Shrewsbury, and Crewe or Wolverhampton… :S

Hmm… I can’t even find a return train from Euston to Welshpool for £45!

Edit: Ok, I found the open return for £45.10, but with a single being £10, I don’t understand the pricing…

Edit x2: Ignore me completely, it doesn’t look like you can get said £10 tickets any more… :frowning:

ROFL, thanks fo rlooking anyway:thumbsup:

Bugger someone going to break my record :wink:

Luckily work is paying for the trip and not me. R9500-00 for a return, that’s 730 quid:eek:

Those £10 tickets where probably the ones you buy in advance :wink:

Managed to get some home once…£20 single home or £75 return :smiley:
Dam think was I missed the cheap single’s back to Leeds from Devon and that cost £50 :frowning:

Righty then,

Tickets - Check
Hotel - Check
Monies - Check

I land at 07:20 your time on Sunday 23rd July. Tube it to the Hotel and find a pub and get hammered. Nice first day I would say;)

Well that’s a pain in the in the ass. I’m only flying on Wednesday and looks like I’ll be working the entire weekend:(

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