Behold the magnificence

There are records for that plate.

The Moray Council, Local Heritage Centre, Institution Road, Elgin, IV30 1RP (01343 569011)
Files SO 1 – 7647; record of withdrawn files to SO 9999, file of official circulars. Held off-site so prior notice required.

So you may have to send an actual “Letter” (Dont lick the stamp or the envelope, remember the BatFlu)

Then somebody will pop into the library to find that for you … on INSTITUITION ROAD

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Fantastic work - I’ve tried the council heritage trust and have fingers crossed. The Rootes archive people have gone quiet on me.

Looks like its off a Mk2 Cortina ?
My dad had one just about the time people transitioned from horses.


A bit early, Mk4 Cortina is a closer vintage

Operates a TH400 but has the all important red pointer, helps you work out which way to shift if you REALLY don’t want reverse.

I’ve the perfect find for you TFW

You know you want to, apparently it all works, pumps ladders everything!

I wanted to buy the fire tender from Staverton Airport when it came up for sale, only had 3000 miles on it or something like that, I was told NO!

So I bought another car last month, just realized I hadn’t posted a picture of it, so here it is…

I think the paint code is “Metallic Tarmac” it seems invisible to people changing lane and pulling out of junctions, air-horn upgrade is awaiting a dry weekend, assuming nothing important falls off before then.

I can’t see a car in your pic

Hettie Update:
the leaking water pump has finally been released! Head is off as well as it was cheaper than buying one of those fancy scope things. Will be dropping the oil at some point, will see what state that’s in (no filter on this engine, 2k miles oil change). With that combo of things to look at can see what the next steps are.

For something with so few electrics on, needs a lot of wires looking at, being able to see the bare wire in too many places makes me nervous and reminds me of an incident on the A34

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I seized the moment, twenty minutes of sunshine was forecast, I decided this was Summer and went outside.

The Grey car of invisibility has no service history, I assumed it was chucked away due to GDPR nonsense.
It would appear there was very little to actually chuck away.

This also answered “Why is the air intake attached to the slam panel with shonky cable ties?”
That is because the plastic push rivets that used to hold it in place are in the air filter along with enough vegetation and dead insects to start a small compost heap.

The car has a bit more enthusiasm in getting out of its own way with a fresh filter, the intake is now taking cold air and the resonator box makes a “You are going really fast now” intake noise.

more sucky sucky when cleaned up - it’ll love you long time


Choice of five

I wonder if the main hose could be adapted to be used for crowd control, think the Boris water cannon truck but MANY times more powerful.
Should be able to shift Insulate Britain protesters without having to come to a complete stop

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That would be a fun drive.
Ideal to do a little shopping in. Has plenty of boot space.

Woud definately be a pukka purchase for the TFW fleet.


Well, the invisible Lancer does indeed have the motivation to get out of its own way now.

New air filter, resonator box fitted properly to the filter box, adjusted throttle cable to enable full beans mode.
This means heel-n-toe is perfectly possible, even in Sainsbury car park.

The new front pads fitted in January have left the building at 3,000 miles :frowning:

Not a huge surprise though, parts have been sitting in the corner of my Office for a while and I shall have New calipers with Brembo consumables for them to chew up.
The old ones juddered but passed at MOT time.

In another post you mentioned “Track Day” “Marbles” and the like.

Is this the next phase for the Humber ?

Last lap heroics are my favourite though

Look at the final results, one driver managed to finish in second place and third place by being a co-driver in two cars.

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with the current exit rate of the coolant, I might manage a lap …

Because some of you are hoarders of odd things I was wondering if anyone has a Rover/MG T4 code-reader lying about ?

I have a pesky check engine light to sort out, it could be a duff plug but knowing which one would be nice as three are easy and three are not in the slightest.

So yeah, a clue from some software would be great.

I wonder in @The_Balrog has a MG code reader? I think I sorted his login and emails the other day so we will see!


To my complete amazement, the ZS has an OBD port and I could see the Engine light Pissy-Fit was a low voltage report, Torque-Lite cleared the fault code and since the fitment of a battery full of Volts the pesky orange Doom-Goblin has stayed off.

Its a Rover 414 Si that I would like to examine with T4 or what ever a MEMs EFi system uses.

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Did the Scooby-Bus get sold or cubed ?

I want to motivate the children to use the fully functional bus for getting to school.
Having that monstrosity for school runs would tip the balance I feel