BOINC Riesel Sieve TPR Team Created.

I’ve created a Team Phoenix Rising Riesel Sieve team (Phoenix Rising). :nod: Just poking around of the BOINC site looking at projects and seeing what hasn’t been worked on by TPR. Work units are taking around 90mins on my p4 3.0Ghz, no idea about credit yet. Join if you are interested.

See you there!

Current units are worth about 14 credits each, but does gradually get higher with time as the units will start to take longer. Bonus 3 credits per factor found, which is stated as being on average of one every 4 units or so. Note you might see smaller units which are reissued, they are half the size so half the value. Server issues credit so doesn’t matter what your client thinks you’re worth.

The sieve part of the project seriously doesn’t like P4s. An A64 is about 3x faster per clock. Actaully, anything except a P4 is about 3x faster per clock than P4. You’re much better off doing the LLR part with one which currently uses its own client and not boinc, although that is expected in future. For relative comparison I have done an expected “results per day per GHz” table at but bear in mind this was with older smaller units, so you need to halve the numbers for current sized units.

Thanks for the info mackerel! :thumbsup:

and welcome to the team!!! :wink:

I’ve crunched it a bit before it got to BOINC but for AMD User’s because there was no TPR team.

Would join again but I’m liking folding at the mo.

I’m crunching this part time on the mac mini. I don’t leave it on 24/7 as even if it is low power the minimal cooling provided leaves it very toasty.

I’ve crunched a few units so far. around 60pts worth.

At least the teams here now if anyone wants to make a mark :wink:

Team Phoenix Rising Riesel Sieve
Rank: 178 +53 :slight_smile:
Total Factors: 192

Our Crunchers:

Pos       Name      Total Factors                 Credit          RAC     
1.    Mackerel                191              10,228.31       116.23
2.     fenix25                  1                  62.34         6.05

Will have a go at the LLR side I think.

The new BOINC sieving is a lot better than the manual sieve clients. :slight_smile:

I noticed! Thats why I gave it a shot :wink:

Argh! It move all my credit over… I’m gonna shift them back and maybe start a new account if they can’t keep team credit where it was crunched.

I noticed the credit you took to the team didn’t add to the teams score… all well :frowning:

Ok, I didn’t notice that. So did the score stay at the old team but it still showed me with ful credits at new? Is that normal boinc behaviour?

Not sure if its normal. It showed all your credits but none of them contributed to the team score.

fenix thats the normal method of BOINC operation IIRC

I’ve joined. This will be a lowish priority project for me, at least for the time being.

Back again… let’s see what happens.

Team Phoenix Rising Riesel Sieve

Rank: 128 +64
Total Factors: 198 +6

Welcome Michael Roberts!

Our Crunchers:

Pos       Name      Total Factors                 Credit          RAC     
1.    Mackerel                191              10,339.21       104.25
2.    Michael Roberts          6                  225.99        21.57
3.    fenix25                  1                  181.27        16.72

Thanks for the update, fenix25. I appear to be quite lucky so far. I like the fact that we see the count of actual useful results achieved as well as work done.

well it’s not a linux fan that’s for sure :frowning:

“Message from server: Platform not found.” and then it defers comms for 25hours.

Ah well - I tried.


Yeah thats pretty cool. If you go to your results page and click on a unit you can see what was done. Pretty nice.