Calling Ogamers Past and Present

We had lots of fun when the game was new to us (back in 2005), we were all Noobs in a brave new world, racing each other to get the biggest colony, build the first Battleship, and then get the elusive Grav tech (and those RIPs) :smiley:

I guess at a certain point the interest dropped, whether players reached a point where it was harder to progress, whether RL time constraints made playing (with large fleets) difficult, or whether some players just reached their personal set goals and called it a day, or the over zealous Mods turned players away, whatever the reason it all drifted apart leaving just a handfull of players ‘going through the motions’ in between long periods of Vacation Mode.

So, the new Uni 47 (named Draco) opened yesterday - another of the ‘new design’ Unis - and I was wondering if there would be any interest in a gang of us Old School guys getting together and having a bash at re creating those far off days of fun.
A new Uni (with some different gameplay ideas apparently) where you won’t need to initially spend 24/7 managing the account, and the chance to bring back those days of " hey I’ve got 10 Cruisers now :p"

It’s just a thought, might work or it might not, heck we may not even like the new design and features anyway :lol:

Might be a giggle. Just finishing a course in Crewe, so will have a look when I get back home later on.

A giggle, that’s what its all about, fun :wink:

If we get a nice number interested we can all sign up at the same time, and hope to get grouped near each other to start with :slight_smile:

Id rather wait for uni 50…

hmmm, I’m intrigued, what’s so special about Uni 50 Noel ?

although the way they open them lately it’s only about 3 weeks away :lol:

Speciel Uni like uni 35. People are saying its the new verison, “redsign” but non-acs as all unis from 10 or soemthing are acs.

also a speed uni, x2/x5

Some other things like More than 30% into df.

Should be a blast

Not bothered about the extra features, a level playing field would be nice.
Knowing there are no deathstars about for a couple of weeks should give you a chance to get turtled up Noel.

I might change my account to be dressed in Grogman Battle Colours(v) and have a dabble with the new Uni.

Question is When ?

Signed in as player name droid (obviously :rolleyes: :D). Just building a Solar plant…and we’re off!!! :chuckle:

Created a new Alliance called TPR just in case. Join up!! Your Team needs you!! :smiley:

OK, seeing as Droid was in a hurry to get going, I’m in :smiley:

come on TFW :wink:

Knock Knock…

Sod it, you all twisted my arm, Incommiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

named Sanguinius as always

All applications accepted. Welcome aboard team! :smiley: Anyone else want in, just knock.

Alliance page updated with new logo

The interface is a bit better.
Going to take a while to get ships though

It is taking ages to build anything. Just have to be patient until we can afford Robotics factories. that should help things along.

BTW don’t view other systems just yet as it costs you 10 deut each time!! :eek:

Hee hee, it’s actually quite funny clicking on the facilities tab, then Shipyard (to build it) and seeing the message ‘requirements are not met

The new shiny front end takes a few goes to find where things are, but it’s something to do while waiting for that Power Plant lvl 2 to build :lol:

… oh and I’ve turned off the animated stuff in options, no idea if it helps or not :shrug:

well as always i have commander, so build queues = win

and i will have a mahuusive fleet in no time just like always

metal 4 crystal 1 deut 0 solar 3==>4 as we speak

Something to think about in these new unis …

It seems (from reading the Ogame boards when bored) that it’s a VERY cutthroat experience, as the players first to cargos will farm ANYTHING in sight.

I’m wondering whether to throw some Rocket launchers up first as a deterrent - so they farm the easier ones :chin:

And I’ll probably pass on the LF & HF ships and go straight for Cruisers after Small Cargos :smiley:

They won’t find much on my planet. I’m spending it as fast as I make it! :smiley:

ooooh, just had a thought … it’s an ACS uni so with our (limited & nooby :wink: ) Ogame experience we should be able to pull off a few nice joint attacks, and hopefully a couple of defensive ninjas :smiley:

I think we will each need an Alliance Depot for the defense one though, to enable the ‘friendly’ fleet to station at the target planet ?

… anybody got Deut to trade yet ? :lol: