Calling Ogamers Past and Present

Also the Alliance Depots means we can refuel each other in the event of a mass attack from one of our bases. :cool:

:wink: :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: and where’s Strud64 when you need him :lol:

Just started.

drezha is the username.

Slooooow interface.

Try turning off ‘animations’ in options, I believe it makes a difference to page loading but I haven’t noticed tbh … mine seems OK up to now :shrug:

New team members accepted. Welcome aboard Drezha and Placidsheep!! :wave:

and binlalalalalala

…a.k.a. Placidsheep :slight_smile:

Damn it’s been so long I have 0 idea as to what the hell im doing…

Lol :slight_smile:

Follow the tutorial if you’re really struggling to remember :slight_smile:

tutorial - click question mark near where it says Patch Notes, although I’m sure it will all come back to you without that :wink:

go on then :slight_smile:


You’re in DT :wave: :smiley:

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;445490]go on then :slight_smile:


wheeee we’re on a roll :smiley:

forget ‘on a roll’ - it’s a damn big snowball :lol:

SWAT in Draco wish to join us, experienced Uni 2 players, which would put the membership at around 17 or 18 ish

Hooded God has also applied (rank 8) which will bring us close to a nice membership of around the 20 mark, which I feel is sustainable without being ‘mass’ LOL

any thoughts … and people are waiting so please be quick :lol:

HG wants to join, hahaha i remember in uni 2 he set up a planet next door to me in search of my fleet, ever did i elude him.

lets try to keep nap free in this uni tho, i want plenty of targets

HG is now in, it’s early days in a new uni, as said earlier I think around 20 experienced players will be about right, and we may see 3 or 4 drop after the first month anyway.

If we take the other SWAT guys in we’re in a strong position and could probably close applications except for ‘special’ cases :slight_smile:

… then we can go no NAPS :lol:

Yeah I guot Duet, just got sod all to move it with :slight_smile:

LOL, I’ve got mines but short of power to make them move :slight_smile:

I’m juggling the power settings to adjust metal or crystal when needed - Deut mine lvl 3 is taking some getting though :lol:

Ok, i seem to have a bit of spare time, i’ll have a bash…as it’s been soooo long since i last played could someone sling me a link…and which uni is it?

Its called Draco…