Can anyone help?

Hi people,
Im having some big problems with my CPU… it started running at around 55degC at idle around 60 on full load.
Now its sitting at 67 deg C on idle and i darent pump up the power.
Ive checked for dust the air flow is fine all fans are spinning…ive reseated the HS+F.
Is this my CPU burning up and dying?.
Can anyone help out and let me know if i need a new chip :frowning:
I have a funny feeling that MBM5 is lying to me as the bios says its happy at 58 DEG C but as soon as MBM5 comes on on start up its at around 62 DEG C then goes up to 64 Deg C now just jumped to 66Deg C.
So does anyone know of a temp probe that will give me an accurate reading other than MBM5?

duno about the temp be it might be a good idea to turn it off untill you have a good temp measurer

Take side panal off and see if temps go down, you could place comp in diff position near slightly open window to help air flow, if you have a big fan use that to direct cold air in the opened case, all things to try…good luck.


What motherboard are you running on and on what chip. I never believe those sensors, if it misbehaves when I’m using it I start to look.


My board is a Gigabyte RZ series 7VT600,
and the chip is a AMD barton 2.8
I have now opend the side off and the temp went down only slightly,
Accordig to the bios it is running around 58 Deg according to MBM5 it is running at 68 DegC
So MBM5 is either set up wrong or is being a fool ;),

Altho i still think 58 Deg C is a bit too warm for idle.

Im going to save for a new HS+F and see how that goes.
If anyone has a goodun up for grabs PM me :slight_smile:
thanks for the tips guys :smiley:

58C idle and 68C under load sounds too high.

Is the heatsink correctly fitted? Try touching the heatsink (mind the pinkies on the fan!) - if it really is a 68C, it will be uncomfortably hot to touch. If the heatsink is only slightly warm, it is more than likely not making good contact to the CPU. Try re-seating with new thermal paste between (clean off the old stuff first).

That, or like DT suggests, the temp sensor is inaccurate.

Im beginning to think the sensors are dodgy as the heat sink is really not that hot… just warm.
Altho my graphics heat sink is extreemly hot…
May need to take a look at that too.

Im not quite sure what to do but i think a new heat sink and fan may be the answer.
Failing that a new chip :frowning:
im going to leave the PC tonight and ill see if it is alive tomorrow morning.
dont worry tho ill put the alarm to go off at 75C just in case.

my Barton 2.5 is running 40C at idle right now.

Think you’re right Andy, MBM is probably reporting it wrong, have you got the correct sensor specified. Enable the overtemp shutdown in the Bios then run some DC or stress testing software like Toast. Is it stable. Touch the BASE of the heatsink, if you can keep your finger on it for 10 sec or so.

Well get it crunching you slacker :smiley:

It has always been my (personal) experience that Gigabyte boards report temps on the high side (much like Abit). My first port of call would be to reseat the heatsink with fresh paste.

If it’s any use to you, I can send you a suitable HSF and some paste to help you out - drop me a PM if you’re interested…

try this

By that im guessing you mean water cooling :stuck_out_tongue:

Mulda YGPM :wink:

:haha: :haha:

Just so happens I noticed someone was selling a “beginners” water cooling setup in Wattos :wink:


Would this be the link DT ?

not that im trying to advertise it just to check,

on the old AMD Gigabyte boards, they had trouble with heating from what I see working here… and as such caps frequently blow whenever they feel like it… how many fans do you have in the pc anyway ?

Andy, has that mobo got the 4 holes round the cpu socket?
If so i have most of what you need to watercool it.
Also whats your case temp? If case temp is high then cpu temp will be as well. Also as others have said, if it’s stable running under load do worry about it.

Judging by what you said as well about the gfx card heatsink being very hot, that will be raising the case temp quite alot Andy.
I’d be very suprised if the chip is at fault as both me and MarkONE were previous owners without the temp issues.

i would say you need a better hs/f
It used to run at 50 under full load :slight_smile:

Just been to the local PC shop and they say (also Pcworld) that the chip is normal to run at such temps in fact they say that is cooler to what it should be running at 85C OMFG :open_mouth:
last time i trust them.

Any ways,
the case temp is sticking around 35-40C the side of the case is off and windows are open…
As for water cooling…
Come gaz u know me ill destroy everything.
Thanks for the offer tho,
Water cooling is a very tempting solution tho.
It will be different.
Altho i will get recipts for all the equipment for the PC so if anything goes wrong the accidental insurance may be able to help out ;).
As for the gfx card im not sure what to do about that…
the card is brand new and i cannot see why that would be doing that.
im not going to attempt to put new composite on that.
I think a good idea would be to get a fan on it.
With summer rolling in i can see mysel having problems with heat.
Thanks for all the tips guys.
I am considdering the water colled option so watch this space :stuck_out_tongue:

you can get an ‘exhaust fan’ for the gfx mate from maplins or pc world easy enough that blows the heat straight out the back of the puter. Think they are about £15(?)

Oh right cheers Giz
Ill check that out thnx :smiley: