complete site overhaul/upgrade :)

Yup, I brought the Publishing Suite when it was pre-release, so we have an indefinite license, and although I can’t remember exactly what I paid, it was that list price!!

So a massive heads up. I have Thursday and Friday of this week pencilled in to a complete upgrade to the entire site structure.

I’ve done a test run of the upgrade, and there is a lot of new stuff and a lot of things for me to sort.

Task List
Complete default install of the software from an upgrade of the current database. Open to live status at default to check functionality.

Configure the CMS and blog settings with the current usergroups. This is the bit I’m at the moment most unsure about, but let’s just fly with it and see :slight_smile:

Template changes - see what can be done to port the current template. I expect these changes to be done on Friday, little tweaks here and there, so a changing forum day - every view could be different :slight_smile:

This will affect all users, there will be considerable downtime, but we will have a lot of new features, new sets that I hope will help with an intended recruitment drive with a few deals I’m doing :Plot:

Any questions, fire away. I’ll be offline most of Wednesday and Thursday, meetings Wednesday and annoying Bullseye on Thursday + about 500 miles of driving :driving:


Top Man :thumbsup:

Look forward to it :slight_smile:

it might be a little risky to attempt this today now, I’ll see how this status holds up from the server providers

Network Interruptions
Created: 13 August 2010, 08:38
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We are currently experiencing some connectivity issues to servers on the following ip range Our engineers are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve this as quickly as possible.


first sets of testing went fine, my dummy run was ok eventually but now I know which bits need to be done in what order for the big upgrade. Thanks to the network outage, it’s left me short on time and energy today, so tomorrow it is then :slight_smile:


Nice going so far DT :thumbsup:

first set of backups of the site all done.

The complete forums move/upgrade begins. As we have the publishing suite software the entire site will now start to move to the address to make use of the CMS sections to allow a much fuller content approach.

It’s taken and taking a while, there’s just so much to do :eek:


welcome back - a lot to do in the CMS section and some work required on some of the templates with colour clashing, but we are alive again and I’ve not completely trashed it :lol:

I think I’ve got all the missing images and stuff as everything had to move from the subdomain to accomdate the full suite of blogs, cms etc if you spot the famous :x: then let me know please :slight_smile:


All looking very good so far :slight_smile:

None of the famous X’s so thats not too bad :slight_smile:

Good going DT :smiley:

me likes :slight_smile: Nice one DT

A couple of the attachments in the rogue’s gallery aren’t showing now DT. I tidied the thread up the other day for broken links (before upgrade) and they were showing then :slight_smile:

Good work DT, looks rather spangly round here :thumbsup:

Cheers Hids - spotted and resolved the problem I hope :slight_smile:


Don’t know if it helps on styling… but just have a looksie at

Maybe consider losing the grey outer backgound in fav of black think it looks more TPR ish IMV

Keep up the good work :smiley:

[QUOTE=PMM;455409]Don’t know if it helps on styling… but just have a looksie at

Maybe consider losing the grey outer backgound in fav of black think it looks more TPR ish IMV

Keep up the good work :D[/QUOTE]

nice find, I looked around for styles yesterday on to basically try and find an “old skool” skin :lol: The new variables method of managing templates will make it much easier to manage multiple options, something we’ve always wanted to do. Some prefer the black/gold of old, some the blue/grey of new and we have a massive number of other options.

As a rough guide, I think we should look at a maximum number of options, perhaps 6 seems reasonable :slight_smile: Thoughts?


Looking shiny! :thumbsup:

looking very shiny now, new template installed and made default - just downloading a trial PhotoShop to get the logo sorted :slight_smile:


I’m most upset, I’ve been quite busy for a few days and when I came back here I had to log in - which meant remembering my username and password :eek:

Luckily my password was rather straightforward, and after much faffing about I stumbled onto the correct username :wink: so I’m back :stuck_out_tongue:

well done DT :thumbsup: … goes to inspect new bells & whistles

Totally shocked that wolly somehow remember’d his password and username :scared:

:haha: :haha:

Logo with the new style updated to be in white, I’m quite liking this style now, TPR-BlueSteel for those looking at the other more “default” variations.