Do keep up wolly!

So how did that happen :wink:

started the day at position 911 when I woke up :chuckle: It would appear I’ve been stomping a bit :lol:


Noticed you jumped quite a bit closer to me…i’d better get a move on.

and I have res to spare, saved for when I was looking at commander for three days from the tutorial. I appear to have managed to make a colony and yet not got my tutorial reward :frowning: :cry:

Ah well, I’ll do it the old fashioned way.


Open the first tutoiral link and then keep clicking next to move through them and it should give up the goods

Completed level six combustion and my first recycler is in build!! Loads of goodies close at hand too, so that should help :smiley:

Cycs built and should have cruisers tomorrow…then col ships for a new planet…then the universe mwahahahaha!!! :smiley:

:lol: Nice Gaz! :smiley:

Now we all know there’s no reason for me to keep up, just because a few of you have experienced a slight ‘bounce’ effect from a couple of research projects doesn’t mean I’m past it :lol:

anyway, I’m not supposed to be in front all the time, my mission is to simply jump ahead occasionally so that you slackers have to pull your fingers out and try harder to make sure you get ahead of the Old Man :tiphat:

ps 2.5K crystal short of Combi drive 6 :wink:

Couldn’t send it if I had it as it would be pushing :wink:


613 + [TPR] Sepelio 641
614 + [TPR] wolram 640
615 + [Republic] macka 640
616 - [Multi] baz13 640
617 + [Colour] Concealed Conclusion 639
618 + [TPR] TFW 639
619 + [ELM] buba 638
620 + [TPR] DoubleTop 638
621 + [TPR] Nova 638

come on lads, the old man is whupping you again :smiley:

I expect that situation to be adjusted roughly 1h 49m 42s after I get up in the morning

… and I wouldn’t expect anything less :smiley:

erm, 3rd expedition in a row to give this sort of result:

Your expedition discovered a small asteroid from which some resources could be harvested. Metal 14.208 have been captured.

each fleet consisted of the same ships - 2 LF, 2 HF, 4 SC, 4 Probes

now either that asteroid has Metal Mine 20 on it, or that fleet formation has something special about it … anyone care to try it ?

Just about to send my fleet back out on res collection duty when I find I have an additional recycler that I didn’t build. Turns out item 10 in the tutorial when complete gives you an extra one. Cool!! Twice the hoovering powah now. :smiley:

binlala 455.
Nova 556.
sirgaz 570.
TFW 576.
wolram 582.
Sepelio 590.
DoubleTop 599.

A good start to the day, but there is more to come

Cool!! Nice going TFW

Got impulse 4 in build then i can start on my cruisers…hopefully then i’ll fly ahead from taking all those targets that think they’re safe with 20rl’s and a few sl’s :smiley:

HA !!

The might Wolly laughs in the face of such dismal opposition

558 [TPR] Nova 689
570 [TPR] wolram 684
577 [TPR] sirgaz 682
582 [TPR] TFW 681
584 [TPR] Sepelio 679
599 [TPR] DoubleTop 675

Zimmers FTW :smiley:

more fleet slots for me, comp tech 4 is in progress now. Just need to save for astrophysics again next for another colony :slight_smile:

I tried the suggestion for the tutorial, and I’ve still not got commander. I raised a support ticket, but I’m not holding breath with that one.


DT, after failing to get the free ships from the expedition part of the tutorial, I read on Ogame boards about a few tips on making sure the tut works … one tip was to stay online (or be online) while the mission is in progress.

This worked fine for the expedition tut, and when I did the colony one I made sure I was online an hour before the ship landed, which also worked and Commander appeared for 3 days :wink:

The expedition one I’ve not had yet either. Even though I’ve been constatly been running one since I got astrophyics. Rewards so far include 6K crystal, 109 units of dark matter and 3 small cargos.