Empire Universe 2

For anyone who would want to play another looki game, bigsheff & I is giving Empire Universe 2 a go and have formed a TPR Alliance/Empire.
If you’d like to give it a go, come along, you get 30 days safe play, you can’t be attacked, and if you don’t do well in that time, simply start again. There is no vacation mode, but once you acquire a bunker you can store 200,000 of your mined res safely (per level you build it at).

Well, come and check it out: EU2


right, done that … now how do I find you ?

edit: sorted :wink:

Is it text or 3D graphics?

Lazy bugger - image search :wink:


It’s a little like Ogame/SP, currently finding it interesting because of the learning curve on how to play it … which buildings & research to go for first etc.

As usual the first few days are slow, but when you build a trading post you can buy the extra res needed (for a build or research) from a trader (SP ish) which can save some time waiting for those mines to make the last 500 res :lol:
… and speaking of research, some of the times are a little annoying, but you can ‘train’ extra scientists and then train them in certain skills - takes hours too - but it’s probably very helpful for later in the game

I’m happy to give it a go anyway, 30 days in which you can’t be attacked is plenty long enough to see if it’s worth the effort after that :slight_smile:


The TIME for things is set according to differing factors seemingly based upon how you are playing - hence the learning curve Wolram mentioned, there’s more about it in the help wiki in game.

IMO if a research is above medium to obtain then you need leave it till you can bring it down to a level more acceptable for achieving.
Improving buildings also helps progress and unlocks more of the game.
Level 3 research facility will gain use of 1 more scientist, level 5 another.
Avoiding them gaining skill in other areas a key point, cos that slows down their brains - too much science is a bad thing.
Shipyard could be fun, as you develop it and attain the required research you get to in measure create your ideal class of ship. You kind of run the assembly line!

It’s a lot more than your SP/OG but similar.

hmmm, and I’ve just discovered that canceling a building does NOT give you your resources back :sigh: :furious:

Started, applied, so far this is really boring, might be more fun when I can actually fly :slight_smile:

tempted, wonder how long I’d last on this one before being banned for doing silly things when bored :lol:


definitely a slow starting game, although I probably went wrong by not concentrating solely on upgrading the mines for the first day or so.

I think I wasted res by building/researching stuff way ahead of time … I have a single probe that seems virtually useless, and the capacity to build a small ship, although pointless until I then research engine/weapon to place on it. As Warmheart mentioned, you can sort of ‘design’ your own ship build by utilizing different engines, weapons, chassis and also adding different modules for cargo space (transports/trades), lasers (asteroid mining), harvesting etc etc, my main bugbear up to now is the research times to actually get these things :o

Upgrading buildings also relies on other levels of stuff, which can be frustrating as (up to now) I’m unsure of where to go next … DT’s usual click the green link method seems to gain skill points but no real advancement, more reading required :lol:

some of my mines are at 35 to ensure a good level of production (aiming at 100 p/hr as a min), but I had to up my resource facilities to level 4 to be able to get them, copper and iron needed a lot early on, hydrogen will be needed once I get into flying a fleet, when I can build a decent ship, still got research to do.
Reading up, suggests I get my scientists into double figure levels to speed it up and aim to use my specialist scientists only on the research they are specialised in, with the initial one acting as their side kick, but level 3 research facility needed to make use of 2 scientists.
People in the chat, say you need patience for this game and LTAO.

I’ve posted a little info on the research and stuff on the in game forum - get to it via diplomacy button at bottom and the tab inside. (it’s the chambers of the government building) lol

Another thing on reading, this game really needs an empire to work together, unlike SP where you can go off making lots of your own killings and simply have lesser members just keep their heads down - all need to be protected! However, having a Bunker and using it helps! lol

Wow! Don’t see these in SP/OG - Live Entertainment - lol

Great news! The band Magumer Silence has decided to visit our home planet as a part of their tour. We gained 1.000 credits from tourism and rental income!

They sang my fav song as well: ♫ …No Weapon Shall Stand Against Us…


damn, you get all the good stuff :lol:

I decided today that queuing 4 extra scientists for training would help in the long term (one for each skill), and it doesn’t cost anything but time - which is OK as I’ll be asleep and then at work for the next 15 hrs anyway

also queued the current chassis scientist for 2 lots of skill training :smiley:

Well aye it does cost in pennies buddy, once you train 'em you have to pay 'em :slight_smile:

And they want more pay once they start putting their gears to work in the field and remove their stabilisers.

right … currently training a scientist up to lvl 4 skill in Chassis, and seems to be around the 24 hr mark :confused:

I hope that’s not an indication of how long it would take to train up to lvl 10 :eek:

… or am I missing something somewhere :shrug:

Each level takes more time, but i guess upgrading University brings the time back down?

I’ve built a Cutter :slight_smile: Asteroid mining ship should be in the air later today…

Christ you’re doing way better than me :eek: what level shipyard do you have ?

oh and I got training times sent in mail by some guy in the chat channel :wink:

The duration of training is always valid for the researchers level and not for the scores of the branches.
The following durations apply to a level 1 university.
Level 1 - 5:56 hours
Level 2 - 8:55 hours
Level 3 - 11:53 hours
Level 4 - 14:51 hours
Level 5 - 17:49 hours
Level 6 - 20:47 hours
Level 7 - 23:46 hours
Level 8 - 26:44 hours
Level 9 - 29:42 hours
Level 10 - 32:40 hours
Observe that durations can change by a level. That’s caused by the researchers levels which are saved as floating point numbers and are rounded in the formula - it’s especially obvious on hybrid-researchers.
Training level is cumulative of all training categories. ie, if you have 1 misc, 1 weapons, 1 engine, that scientist will be a 4th level at the next training. You should do your best to specialize on one training category.

Maybe a few upgrades to University are needed, as Mojo suggests :slight_smile:

Control Centre 2 Communications 1 University 1 Research 3 Government 1 Shipyard 1 Bunker 1 Trading Post 1 Resource Facilities 4

Race Cyborg Rank Captain Experience 835 #4061 23099 pts (12500 buildings 9600 mines 855 research 5 trade 139 ships)

Trading 1 Research 11 Battle 5 Construction 2 Economy 2 Navigation 6

Titanium 81% Copper 83% Iron 49% Aluminium 52% Mercury 89% Silicon 66% Uranium 40% Krypton 61% Nitrogen 41% Hydrogen 50%

Dunno what’s relevant so sent you it all :slight_smile:

Kin Ell :frowning: I need to buck my ideas up :kickbum:

Buildings are the same apart from my Resource Facilities 3 :whiteflag:
Rank Major: Experience 661

Points overall 19.026
Points by buildings 10.500
Points by mines 8.175
Points by research 328
Points by trade 7
Points by ships 16

Titanium 61%
Copper 96%
Iron 66%
Aluminium 68%
Mercury 54%
Silicon 63%
Uranium 30%
Krypton 54%
Nitrogen 39%
Hydrogen 95%

Trading 2
Research 9
Battle 2
Construction 8
Economy 2
Navigation 2

Well I can’t tell you my secret LOL as I have no idea what I am doing.

Currently have four scientists two working two training, have never stopped building resource units - all these games eventually boil down to “how much?” so have gone heavily into those, hence mine are one level above yours.

Apart from that :shrug: just clicking the green…