Fold FASTER Dag Nabbit!

TPR is going to be overtaken !!!

The team that is overtaking us (klfteam1) is producing an impressive amount of points. I don’t think we can turn our fate unless we do the same… and mighty fast.

If some people could put other projects on hold for a few weeks and really dedicate TPR to folding it may help our cause. I have 6 rigs going now… number 7 to be setup tommorow (albeit its a relic compared to what I am running now)

I know I suggested it before but try to use -advmethods because you will pull alot of 2094’s and they only give 139 points and complete in under a day.

Good post fenix25 :thumbsup:

come on peeps Folding was TPR’s first top 50 team at one time and would be a shame to see us drop out of the top 100, anyone who wants to help can find the client and team details Here if you need any help or have any questions please start a new thread.

Fold on, Curly

Does Anyone know if you can run Folding and Boinc doing Simap at the same time ?

as I would like to help but with Sirgaz looking to nab my place I need to run !! :stuck_out_tongue:

As mentioned before, I ran folding and BOINC fine. Both took 50% CPU. Though LHC and Folding took a bad turn and LHC did nothing except restrict Folding…

Predictor and Folding worked fine.
SIMAP should be ok.

As mentioned before, I’ve got this PC to empty it’s SIMAP cache then back on folding deadlineless units as no idea when it’ll be online and working…

Thanks for the support guys. It would indeed be a shame to see us drift from top 100. If there is anything I can do to help people setup for folding, simply let me know. Although I have no idea about these other programs you run through boinc.

As for running folding@home with other things going, its just not going to get us out of the hole we are in. We need some dedicated rigs going. 50% CPU usage means double time for WU completion. Unless you are running HT in which case I say run two fah clients :).

diskless nodes are all back on, some assimlations to come over the next week I think :nod:


I posted a “recruitment” message on the folding community forums here. If you are a member of the forum, please post your support.

I’ve started a couple of machines, one has sent in it’s first result, but have a question on P4 HT machines. Don’t know if Ive done something stupid (good chance) or the HT machines are not good on Folding.

The machine in question is a P4 3.0 HT and it is running a Gromacs #1702 for 56 points but it showing 29+ hours to complete. This seems awfully slow compared to the AMD that just sent in a 139 pointer.

The 139 pointer (probably 2094) has 222 atoms and the 1702 has 9129 atoms. Plus each WU can vary wildly for completion time. If you have an HT rig then you can run two instances for folding@home at one time without lost of productivity. quick setup:

  1. Copy fah504-console.exe into 2 seperate folders (ie fah1 and fah2)
  2. run fah504-console.exe -configonly for both instances
  3. go through the setup, choose modify advanced options and make sure you set a different machine id for each client (1 and 2)
  4. Create shortcuts for each different client for your desktop/startup folder make sure the “Start in” directories are correct as well or big problems.
  5. The command line should include the -local -verbosity 9 flags, especially the local one
  6. Pour a coffee and fold on!

Thanks for the reply, it has been a while since I last ran folding. Will see if I can get the second client setup in a bit.

No problem. post again if you need more assistance.

SIMAP cached cleared. This AMD 2500+ is back in the Fold

OK I’ve switched over and my other system is now running folding as well (I’ve put boinc on hold for a while - but it’s all for TPR so)

One question though, and I’ve only noticed it in this machine because I’ve got a monitor to see, but with Boinc it cut in after a minute of inaction and then stopped when I started using the pc again but with folding it seems to be hitting the system 24/7. Is this right? It’s not much of a problem but I want to be sure I’ve installed it correctly.


I might even steal back my place from TheDirt :devil: :smiley:

Sounds like on Boinc you had “only do work when computer is not in use” as a preference. In theory the DC projects will be lower priority than any applications you run, so when you need the cpu, the dc project takes the back seat on cpu time.


Folding will run all the time using whatever % of the cpu that is available when set to low priority which means that when you start any other program that will take priority, with the 5.04 client I think you can set a maximum % that folding uses it’s one of the options you can set when you first set up the client, you can access and change these settings by starting the client with the -config switch.


Thanks DT, Curly :smiley:

tbh I hadn’t noticed that option :doh:. PC seems to be runing ok and I haven’t noticed any slow down so I’m not going to poke it.


If you wanted to do somthing similar you could setup the client as a scheduled service that only runs when the system is idle, but it is best to go full tilt all the time, with today’s larger wu’s. Here is a post from the folding-community forums with details about this sort of setup. Thanks for taking up the call.

In order to hold on to our spot I estimate we need to fold an additional 65 units per week to tie up with the output of klfteam1. They are currently outproducing us by around 13000 points. I have everything here crunching hard. should be able to pull around 10 per week myself, but you can’t predict what wu’s you are going to get. Does anyone else have a similar estimate of what they can produce per week?

Currently producing around 430 units per week
Need to produce +/- 500 units per week

Hello all I lost a system a few weeks back, and well haven’t the time to rebuild it so I put up a temp system that is 90% of speed. Like always all systems here are folding all the time. I think so many peeps have spread across so many DC’s well the focus has gone from the few that brought us all here in the first place.
Curly thanks for step’n in on the stats also. I have been busy coding 18 hour days launching the new company…almost to point of major sales starting so maybe that list on the wall for upgrades one day soon will happen. Remember to keep the peddles down…and think of it this way…the heat for now will keep us warm…but summer is around the corner…hate cooling to crunch!

Glad to see I have your support as well. Fold on my friend!