Going to be building my first pc...

…sometime in hopefully near future :smiley:

What I would like you guys to do is give me advice on what I should put in it. Needs to be able to handle games such as UT2K4, but if possible I don’t want to spend an astronomical amount on it as I am on a budget moneywise at mo.

Please no-one suggest an intel chip of any kind cause I’m an AMD gal :wink:

Well what parts have you got all ready and what kind of budget you looking to spend? :slight_smile:

Thing is, I don’t have the money in one go, but will be stopping smoking (on 12 April :D) so the money saved each week from that is what will be buying my pc :clap: So we’re looking at about up to £40 a week ( :eek: ) that I can either put away or for lower costing parts buy each week.

I have an 80 gig WD that can go in it and hopefully a 17" CRT coming to me. That’s it :lol:

I would say best :wink: define a cost budget to work to then let people suggest
what would fit that budget.

I’d buy in one hit closer the time so your not wasting money.

Well I have not a clue really on how much parts cost, so if you guys could give me a decent set up that’s not the most expensive so to speak then it’ll give me something to work towards :smiley:

40 mobo with onboard graphics and sound 25 hard drive 15 cd drive 10 modem 20 for a case 25 memory 20 chip
135 quid should see you ok for a basic build on new parts with a 2nd hand xp chip from someone here.

thats a basic spec for most of the machines i cobble together for people, if you want all-singing, all-dancing, then its easy to spend that much just on UV lights and cables!

Preecey or PMM can probably tell you better what specific parts to buy for what you actually want to do with it.

Save up for 8 weeks and then go buy a Dell pc :slight_smile:

Seriously, you can’t build a budget pc for the price you can buy one of there setups, all up and running with xp and a 15" tft for £299 , all it needs is another stick of ram

Dell is out, she said no Intel :stuck_out_tongue: Also the video in such a box wouldn’t be up to much, even ut2004. Also if it is a “first time” then the fun is in the learning and building :slight_smile:

I would ask, does it need to be new bits, or is 2nd hand ok (not that I’m trying to sell anything :D)…

2nd hand is fine by me :smiley:

Attached below is what I came up with assuming buying new but keeping costs down. Idea was to have something modern and capable, without spending a lot.

The 6100 chipset from nividia has all the toys and integrated graphics. They’re not going to be the fastest in the world but the mobo listed has a PCIe slot for upgrading. Unless you already have an AGP card to recycle, I’d go PCIe for a bit of future proofing.

The CPU is the cheepest s939 I saw. You could get a similar s754 motherboard with a sempron to save a few more pennies, or pay a fair bit more to go dual core.

A gig of ram will keep things running smoothly, I don’t feel it worth trying to save by dropping to 512M at current costs.

Lots of choices for a case with PSU included, also a DVD rewriter although that can be skipped if not needed.

Above comes to about £250. You’ve got a hard disk and monitor. Assuming you can source OS seperately from the hardware. Keyboard and mice can be found to suit.

Finally looking at upgrading the graphics I’d pick the 7600GT which should have more than enough power to last years as long as you don’t expect to keep settings to max.

Only unknown to me is exactly what performance you can squeeze out of the 6100 until then. I have the previously mentioned motherboard so could run some benchies on it later…

Forgot to say, prices taken from dabs.com, I didn’t shop around.

will see what i find in my travels;)

Thanks for that Mackerel :thumbsup:

Cheers Dezy :smiley:

Thanks for that Peige, but as Mackerel says, no intel and it has to handle games like UT :smiley:

Hids I have some used stuff you can have, just pay the shipping, Might have a Nforce MB with a XP2500 and a nice AGP card.

Ping me next week when I get back from Michigan.

Thanks a huge amount Major :kisskiss:


Worse it would need is a better graphics card and i’m not even sure thats the case, things have moved on a way since UT2004

I’ll get my coat :wave:

You’re determined to not have me build a pc, aint ya Peige :Poke: :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers for the link though :thumbsup:

Its not that, its just its so hard to justify in most cases…

Unless you have most of the bits already it just doesn’t work out cheaper, the only time its worth it is when you want to build something and choose all the components for a top end gaming rig or something a little special.

Granted that your likely to get some good bits from the people of tpr because
we all want to help you so the picture gets a little distorted but things that normally get forgotten when adding up the cost of a new system are things like OS, keyboard, mouse and case, that alone gets you up to around £100, you already have a monitor and a hdd but the system that i’m quoting you comes in with 1gig of ram and a dvd burner… all ready to go with a warranty

All imho of course :slight_smile:

I hate to do it - but I’d agree with Peige, when the op-sys is going to cost you £80 for an oem version (if you choose windows, there is a linux version of ut2005:devil: ), it gets hard to compete with buying a pre-built. The trick is to buy one that can be upgraded.

Done it many a time for punters now, means I can point them at say IBM or Dell support rather than having them bug me. 90% of the time I just drop in another cd/dvd drive and a stick of ram, in some cases a floppy drive. As long as it has a AGP slot then it is fine for future as far as I’m concerned, heck some of them are now using the onboard to run dual monitor setups.


Whys it so hard to agree with me :chuckle: