i forgot my lunch

so now what should i do? i have some limited funds but they are limited, so what do you lot suggest i do about lunch?

diet for the day :slight_smile:

that word the D word should be banned, wash your mouth out with soap young man!

get a bag of chips from the local chippie … if there is one, or a couple of bags of crisps from the corner shop :slight_smile:

Anyway, look on the positive side:

You may well go hungry today :frowning:
But your memory will be greatly improved by the experience :lol:

A chippy does sound good in terms of filling/cost ratio :stuck_out_tongue: If you want something more fancy then borrow off a work colleague.

Just finished macaroni cheese on toast. yum :smiley:

and just how does this help me sort out lunch?

Good point.

I meant to add you should pop to Asda and buy yourself a can for only 40 of the queen’s pennies :wink: Oh and a cheap loaf…assuming you have somewhere to cook it.

but haven’t you finished your lunch hour yet? :wink:

a few glasses of cold water will keep the appetite suppressed

Drive home, have a couple of slices of marmite toast, a cup of tea and watch Mythbusters on Discovery +1… worked for me earlier :wink:

lunch break came n went with a chicken roll from tescos and a packet of crisps. not overly nice compaired to the wonderfull food that Whytefoxx makes for me tho

I was going to sugguest go and buy a pie :wink: :slight_smile:


bought pie tastes rather like :puke: would rather have gone hungry

by law pies only have to have somthing like 30% meat in them… :chuckle:
makes you wonder doesnt it? …
bone, cartilage, stomach, hoves, skin… hmmm… :smiley:

pies should be made of the best possible ingrediants, my personal fav is steak n ale, but its important to note that good quality steak is required along with black sheep ale. anything else just isnt good enough

fussy sod! :wink: sounds like Whytefoxx spoils you, try fending for yourself for a few weeks and you will appreciate it more when someone puts a home-made meal in front of you.

yup she sure does and i am more than greatful for her time and effort.

i could probably manage to make a pie without to much hassel as long as i could find her recipy book. tho i doubt i would leave the kitchen in the same super clean condition after the making

black sheep ale.:confused: how do you make ale from sheep then ??..:smiley:

damn rite amen, preach brother

i am 17, and my parents went to france for 2 weeks i stayeed at home on my lonesome, had a few parties, and realised, how much my folks actually do, i lived on omlette and take out, but soon in the 2nd week learned to cook properly, and i really appreciate not having to cook and iron etc, it is so time consuming


Just starting the second year of doing it all…cooking properly is good. Yet to make a stew mind and that’s probably one of the easiest things to make:rolleyes: