im a fatty

Ok so the time has come for me to shed some pounds… its really annoying me now and also putting my relationship onto the rocks :frowning:

so Weve all been there… weight problems and unhealthynuss ?

whats the best foods to eat ? ( im a picky git so try to leave the salsa type stuff alone )

also whats a good free workout that I can maybe sneak 10-20mins in work to do in the Server room when no-one is looking ?

Ive got some plans for tomorrow after work that include a cross walker I dont know what it does but looks teh coolzor!

so ye need all the tips I Can get :slight_smile:

Cereal/toast for breakfast, plenty of fruit such as oranges/apples/berries through the day as snacks, jacket potato and beans or Tuna salad sandwich (brown bread), healthy tea involving normally fish or white meat such as chicken and plenty of veg (not just spuds!), plenty of water.

Cut out the beer if possible, at least during the week (or if you must and you drink lager try changing to bitter, there’s 250-300 cals in a pint of Lager and only 150-180 in bitter!). Try drinking white wine or spirit/mixer.

Instead of just the server room, do you have a flight of stairs at work? I used to go up/down the stairs at an old place of work (7 stories) at least 5 times a day. If not, take a walk into your local town for your dinner. Plan on doing 2 nights a week of decent exercise of at least 30 minutes, say running around the local park, join a foottball/rugby team, take up golf etc, anything to get you out and about.

Worst comes to worst, try wieght watchers, it’s very easy to do, and you will normally lose about 2 pounds a week if you follow their eating plan.

I’ve gotten slightly healthier by joining my archery club. All the hefting my gear and myself upto Uni 3 times a week for it is good exercise. Usually spoilt by the pub trips after mind.

If you have to drink coke or soft drinks, diet all the way.

Remember a chap needs 2500 calories a day supposedly. So try sticking under 2000 and you should be fine.

In theory it’s all good to say that and give advice but I’m not exactly skinny myself.

Waste of time before Xmas. You’ll start off well and then the parties start…soon you’re on the slippery slope, drinking, food binging, stuffing things down your neck and washing them down with ale… Not good. Wait till the New Year and make penance then :smiley:

No comment :slight_smile:

well its not free but karate is great :slight_smile: lol u knew i would say that, more seriously though get a boxercise DVD or something, i would advise to stay clear from golf, you need to do a sport where you sweat, the more you sweat the better and no that doesnt mean playing chicken or calling the missus nasty names…unless she is chasing you with a frying pan

I lost, according to my doc, ~6kg in 3 months and I did it without changing my diet! All from exercise. Though going from none to anything will probably do that… I went the DDR route, so wont work at work, but on average a few times a week at home does it for me. Believe the exercise is relatively unimportant, as long as you enjoy it and keep it up.

mmmmm frying pan… best get the big greasy fried breakfast on now then :slight_smile:

Ive not felt happy inmyself for sometime… ive been hiding behind a smile an a laugh but in actual fact im annoyed off with myself…

I eat take aways whenever I get the chance to… every 2nights… on average…

I dont drink… well once every 6months… and then I drink for Wales… always spirits…

Ive made a start on the excersise… Ive got a step omitor… and Ive worked out on average how many steps I did at work and now today im going to try and increase that… we do have a flight of stairs be it only 2 flights…but I can go upstairs at one end of the school walk to the other side and go do another two flights of stairs…

Ive been reading up on it and most sites are saying its moderation… still eat what you like just eat less… Ive been thinking this for sometime… Ive asked my mother to cut down on the amount of food she piles on my plate…

and I do get absoloutly no excersie… so thats my first target… started doing sit ups… only done 20 but thats 20more than ive done in the last 3years…

I dont care for party food over crimbo!

I will be > :trophy:

thanks for all the points :slight_smile:

take away food is evil. no question about it… usually swimming in oil :frowning:

I’ve always taken the advice that you can eat whatever the heck you want, so long as you do the exercise - so if you want a takeaway, make sure you do a 5 mile walk to compensate :wink:

Im going to work my arse off now to stop eating take aways…

Have had ready break today and can now feel that hunger on its way… so im going to get a bottle of water to stop the hunger…

Also going to join a gym aswell :slight_smile:

Im gona be a lean mean machine :smiley:

Get some snacks to keep in your drawer. Dried fruit, little packets of raisins/nuts/sunflower seeds etc, readily available from Sainsburys/tesco, get a small fruit bowl on your desk if you are allowed also. The guys might laugh at you, but in a month or so i bet they will be asking for pieces of fruit when they gat a bit pekish!

Defo cut out the take-aways, i have one a month as a bit of a treat.

Oh and ignore the Karate Kid up above! :slight_smile: Golf is good exercise, take a 20+lb pack, strap it to your back and walk at least a minimum of 4 miles (more like 6 if you play like me plus you get to see all sorts of lovely woodland flora/fauna when you’re looking for the ball you just shanked into the woods!), you will feel tired!

Plus, as you are in IT the further up the ladder you get, the more chance you will have to go on corporate days out playing golf at some really nice locations! :slight_smile:

Snacks are a good idea… I like raisins :slight_smile: lots…

I was eating my ready break this morning and was thinking to myself that it was fowl… but I thought to myself I need to make the change now…

so no more take-aways… thats a done deal I think :smiley:

hehe golf isnt as good excercise for CV fitness as many other sports, getting a sweat on increases cardio vascular fitness as well as promoting weight loss, but if you enjoy golf then that requires less motivation than other sports, so go with whats right for you

I look at it more simply than that. If energy out is greater than energy in, you will loose weight. Simple. How you do it is up to you, but you’re more likely to do it if you enjoy it.

As for food, don’t force yourself to eat things if you really don’t like it. Try and find an alternative you do like which is still good.

tbh i think its such a simple thing…
some people have health problems and there is nowt they can do about it,
then you have people that can help it.
and i think it is as simple as this
you eat more than your burning off you will gain weight and be unfit.
to counteract it eat healthily and excersise.

3 sqaure meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner.
in good portions i.e dont stack your plate.
and excersise this could be swimming running cycling or anything you want as long as it means you use your body…in otherwords motorsports will not help your health :stuck_out_tongue:

i honesty think it is that simple so many people think if they stop eating all together they will be healthy… definatly not…
and tbh i think you can excersise and still eat things you like like if u want a bacon buttie or a fryup u still can… just as long as you are active too.

look at sirgaz for instance he eat’s and eat’s and eat’s but he’s always been a skinny sod.
it’s all those bedroom sports he does…:wink:

[QUOTE=andylamb;402683]look at sirgaz for instance he eat’s and eat’s and eat’s but he’s always been a skinny sod.
it’s all those bedroom sports he does…;)[/QUOTE]

Well they say do something you enjoy :wink:

And motorsports wont help you? You see the state of the F1 drivers…or any of the top rank motorsports people…when they finish a race? It’s not like driving to the shops (which you should be walking to, it’s healthier :wink: )

Ahh to be fair they have to remain healthy becuase of the sort of punishment their body’s go through during a race not to mention if it is a hot race they loose weight.

i mean just mean amature motorsports. refering more to driving,
as you will know yourself gaz motor cross can be very physical…especially if you use a bright pink KTM and everyone beat’s you up for it.
just joking :smiley:

Get your facts right…it was a TM…and it was black by the time i finished with it :smiley:

Oh terribly sorry sir,
was a good bike but anyway sorry for the :Offtopic:

but still kind of on topic as it was a “Phat” bike :wink:

anyway sheepy i strongly suggest swimming and cycling… imho the best forms of excersise.