Is there a better ISP than Tiscalli?

Sounds like a no brainer really, but I’ve been asked if i can recommend a better one. From my own experience i wouldn’t touch Tiscalli with a barge pole but they do seem to be offering some very competitive deals atm. £14.99 a month for 1mb connection - free signup, free modem, unlimited use(subject to fup). The main drawback as i see it is the 12 month tie in.

But this is for a typical ‘silver surfer’ moving up from dial up who will never reach the fup levels so is not concerned about that aspect, he certainly doesn’t need maxdsl type connection and clearly the free setup/modem option is looking very attractive. tbh I am finding this very hard to beat.

So can anyone suggest a better or even similar deal with a company that doesn’t have the poor reputation for slow connections and poor tech support/customer services experienced by Tiscalli.

Cheers there the only isp i feel postative about…

I’m guessing it has to be adsl? If so, pipex would be my recommendation :slight_smile:

Cheers Wynterblue, as a fellow Zen user I couldn’t agree more but tbh I don’t think the current issues with Maxadsl are sorted sufficiently to recommend any supplier on that system yet and Zen will not allow any signups on their old fixed speed rates.

Hi Hids, i did consider Pipex, my concern on the 12 month tie in remains with these but they do seem to be about the closest in other terms. Have you any experience with their tech support. last time i tried them it was a 30 minute hold them just two questions in a very vague attempt to diagnose the problem followed by an instruction to reinstall windows :rolleyes: It turned out a small downboad to reset the tcp/ip settings sorted it in 5 minutes. Are they better now?

Thanks for both the suggestions though?

the best adsl I know of :slight_smile: pay for what you use :slight_smile: 1month tie in :wink:

I’ve always been with Eclipse Internet, they had (when I last looked) a 1 month minimum term. Looks like they have some similarly priced deals to Tiscali available too.

I’m with pipex too and have been for years now. Had to deal with their customer services a few time ( as i recommend my customers to them) and have been pleased with the outcome every time. Might also be worth looking into homecall (now a part of pipex) as they do a good package deal.

You only recommend Tiscalli to your enemies, OK?

Your friend might like to consider here where it’s actually cheaper to take broadband with free calls than a broadband only package.

Thanks everyone, some interesting suppliers there and some which were new to me anyway :slight_smile:

Keep the suggestions coming if you have any others and in the meantime if I find the holy grail of isp’s with no setup fees, fee modem and perfect connection speed all for 50p a month I’ll let you know :smiley:

ok… everyone… dont laugh at me… but… AOL…


i have been on AOL for … 11 years? 12 years? something like that… never had problems, and they are upgrading my 2mb line to a 8mb line totally free…
Free Sign up, Free Modem, [and u can run it without the software]

and there is bulldog, but that seems to drop some times…
but i managed to swindel 4 months + free Second Phoneline + Modem for 1p… yes… 1p!!!
then they found out, tried to make us pay, we had a go at them saying we never signed up for it they just never cut us off… and disconnected us for a while, then phoned back saying “we are sorry u are having problems heres a month of broudband Free” and they aint cut us off again :slight_smile: and not asked us for money this time :slight_smile:

well id try bulldog we get 8mb for 9.95 per month its still a 12 month tie in tho…but their customer service is wonderful, they actually call you back with the soloution to your q and their helpline is local rate its FAB!! we have our phone line with them too and for two months broadband, line rental and calls it was only £50 in total (ps theres only a £1 set up fee and you get your modem for nothing too)

If i were you shanks i’d not recommend anyone, leave it a month until they have signed up with whatever offer they chose and then tell them that they shouldn’t have picked them :lol:

I agree with you feelings with regard to maxdsl thingy, although i have to say that it does sort itself out but only after a good two to three weeks, my Zen conny is better now but still drops regularly (anyone seeing my work pc sign in and out of irc at 2am can vouch for this)

Only other thing i’d add is go with a good one on customer service ie, zen, not btopenwoe … other than that there all much of a muchness afiak

Have to say I would not recommend Bulldog to anyone. We had them for a month and went back to pipex. Not only did the internet keep dropping but the bloody phone line too so we couldn’t phone them. We never got anywhere near the 8mb and found out it was cause our line could only handle 1mb, but Bulldog of course didn’t mention that, cause then they’d lose a sale :rolleyes:

Thats the reality of the new 8meg thing… our line here was rock solid at origonal dsl speeds, try and turn it up to 8meg and it falls over. It does settle down as i’ve said but it takes a good couple of weeks, not 7 days like they try to tell you.

another vote for zen here, fantastic customer service, they will even call you back on a mobile to help diagnose problems… bloomin fantastic… btw I’ve had no problems with my ‘up to’ 8 mb service

We asked BT before we thought about upgrading cos plusnet had been giving us a whole lot of grief like that…Connection dropping off all the time etc etc :slight_smile:

for service NTL has not been bad to me, an outage once every six months seems average. Customer service is appalling though, and now they even want you to pay for calling them :mad:

Most of the time they do free install if the service is available where you are, so don’t rule them out.


Bulldog suck BADLY
Virgin also suck i am very happy with, best customer facing website i have ever used imo

On Pipex here, only outage has been when BT have been making the exchange upgrades and normally late at night so in essance 100% uptime from the ISP.

Most people on 2meg should find themselfs being upgraded to the 8meg service once BT pull there fingers out and sort the issue with the bulk upgrade tool that’s causing delay’s moving peeps across to the max service.

In terms of Line/sync should take 3 days to get back upto speed if a connection drops and it throws a wobbler and syncs low it creaps back up slowly they say 3 day’s but that could be BT network waffle.

gottta say we found appauling, you can never get through to them on the phone unless you wanna pay the premium rate line instead… (em how about …NO) They charged us £60 for moving house and another £14.99 to downgrade the package, we have had one hell of a time getting rid of them as well as they cannot seem to read the words WE WANT TO CANCEL OUR ACCOUNT, and then they send us out threatening letters about their payments not getting made when we have already cancelled them about 3 times its a nightmare and there rude and aggressive. Gotta say tho MIL and FIL have never had any bother with wannadoo though they are expensive have to admit that £24.99 for 2mb