Joining the army

Yes i am,
some of you will remember i was signing up for the RAF,
and yes that didnt last long,
but this time i am actually doing it,
B.A.R.B (Bristish army recruitment battery test) is complete and passed.
my medical forms are in just waiting on a call from the military doc.
so that he can grope me in places i wouldnt normally allow.

but i have a final meet with the AFCO on friday this week,
basicall a meet with the sergant to ask why i want to join etc,
what trade i want to do and stuff like that,
then on the 21st i will be doing my personal devolopment day for some small fitness tests,

and then on to ADSC Pirbright (5 mins away from deepcut in surrey) for my 12 week basic training,

assuming that is completed succsessfully then i move on to leconfield in yorkshire for my phase 2 training and i have picked the RLC Driver as my trade of choice.

anyone else in tpr in the british army?

wish me luck,

good luck! Hope it provides all you’re looking for :thumbsup:

Good luck mate, will be keeping fingers crossed for you.

My god, you a driver :eek: :wink:

Al the best m8, Damski and TG are/were forces, can’t think of anyone else of the top of me head.

Wasn’t/Isn’t war_pig? Or is that just me going odd in the head? :confused:

[QUOTE=drezha;409647]Wasn’t/Isn’t war_pig? Or is that just me going odd in the head? :confused:[/QUOTE]iirc War_pig was in the RAF but quitting to then join the army but I haven’t spoke to him in a while so his plans could have changed.


awesome good luck m8, i know who to call if i need some cheap demolition gear

All the best with the training Andy :thumbsup:

thanks guys,
i know damski is RAF,
as for war_pig last time i spoke to him he was off to do a tour of iraq.

and @ gaz yes those years of you droning on about cars and bikes inspired me to be a petrol head.
so you never know guys i may pull up to a tpr meet in an oshkosh tank transporter,

once im in i will get you guys some photo’s for the rouges gallery :D.

Have fun , If you are any good at any sport , make sure they know when you get out to your regiment , Regimental teams get cushy duties and preferential treatment , the more unusual sports are often covered at Brigade level so don’t be fobbed off.

I had a great time as a CET in the REME . I belonged to Shooting and Squash teams , I was forced to miss guard duties and makework bulls**t to travel around Europe representing both Corps and regiment .

Good luck mate. A couple of guys around here jacked because they found the basic training too tough, and another - a weight lifter - because it was too tough for him too.

Think, talking to them, it’s not the bod, it’s overcoming the ol’ brain barrier. Go for it bro :slight_smile:

Good luck :smiley:

Ex RAF myself, enjoyed my time but theres no way I’d go in now due to the way our forces are used (abused) - (sorry if thats not what you want to hear).

I do however hope that you get all that you want from it as politics aside it can be a great experience in ways that someone who has never served would never understand - good luck to you.

Andy’ll be a driver, I’m an explosive student :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try once…

sign all means of paper work… then the country decided to attack afganistan and Iraq just to back up america… I walked away…

Best of luck to you Andy!! :slight_smile:

I know the army is being used in some rather nasty situations at the moment.
but people seem to forget that when there is a war the army have to fight :stuck_out_tongue:
thats probably the main idea for the army.

and as for the fitness tests yes i have heard they are extreemly hard.
both mentally and physically,
ive been training the last few months for both.
basically the mental part is being able to run a mile and a half with out slowing pace,
when your brain says please can we walk for a bit you make your body say hell no i like pain.
like the sergant at my AFCO says it is mind over matter.

i dont mind and you dont matter :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for the support i will let you all know when my basic is and i will make sure you see pictures of my passing parade and not of me passing out on the first day.

You’ll do just fine, a good mental attitude is as important as being fit although fitness will help a lot.

Being pushed in training is designed to prepare you for operating under stress whilst tired without questioning orders etc, as thats when you tend to revert to your base character.

You’ll make some amazing friends if my experience was anything to go by and in a lot of ways is does beat sitting on your arse in an office all day looking out of the window.

I think a years national service would sort a lot of the little so and so’s out that you see hanging around up to no good (not that you are one of those)

A tip for the running etc is DO NOT go too fast the first few times as they will always expect you to improve your times.

I was a very good runner when I went in (county level) and I made the mistake of beating a PTI in a hill race at Halton, he gave me hell for the rest of my stay there :smiley:

Hey matey, did just shy of 5years in the RAF but i thought the air force is way to soft so I am now a cizzy (well a veteran…even got my badge today). My plans are to join the Royal Irish up in Inverness as Infantry so atm im working on getting mega fit and ive even converted the “good room” to house my weights while im also doing some running.

Good luck in Army m8 :slight_smile:

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