just for giggles . . .

. . . and because I was bored out of my tree, I created a new Ogame account on Kallisto uni

I give it a week :lol:

I can’t remember the last time I played Ogame. I’ve forgotten what yer supposed to do. :slight_smile:

me too . . . although raiding inactives using 2 small cargo starts to bring it all back :lol:

I’d forgotten how much a drag it is to get research done too, need that colony ship and (or) recyclers so I can fleetsave when I need to . . . see it’s all coming back already :smiley:

:lol: You fiend :smiley:

Yet another twist in the latest foray into Ogame

I saw a player named ‘doa’ had started an alliance named ‘cursed’ so I messaged him saying he has a lot to live up to because Cursed virtually dominated Uni 2 for ages.

Got a reply back saying ‘yep, I was in Mara & Cursed back then, just started playing again, join up if you want

It’s a funny old game :lol:

Signed up in Kallisto and currently in [2:322:10]. Will probably move once I get into it again. Just running through the tutorial to refresh the old grey matter…

Well slap my bottom with a wet haddock, nice to see a friendly face (or two) in the game. I’m around 2:163 area . . . I think :smiley:

Droid, offer open to join us when you’re ready :tiphat:

Cheers Wolly. I’m trying to stop doing work so that I can see how much metal and crystal I still have since last night. As you said, you forget how long it takes for the start up grind. Will get there … :slight_smile:

yeah, build mines then bugger off for a couple of days
build 2 rocket launchers and increase mines, bugger off for a day
build small cargos and esp probes then start raiding inactives . .

. . . start rushing home from work again 'cos you forgot to fleetsave :lol:

:lol: Not got that problem yet thanks to noob mode :D. Could look to see what I can do on my phone. That might be an answer.

oh dear oh dear :kickbum:

no matter how hard you try to hide stupidity, it always shines through in the end . . . I sent a fleetsave out and - like an idiot - forgot to click on the DF icon.

The fleet duly delivered a tad over 100k resources to a player in noob protect :lol:

:lol: Ooops!! At least someone will be grateful of the little windfall.

Still doing the research grind. :frowning: Had a couple of attacks on me, but the tiny turtle def I got on board certainly deterred them :slight_smile:

Don’t need much at the moment as all the cash is going straight into research and I’ve maxed out the stores at 40K, so no great loss if anyone does get through.

the thought of having to fleetsave brings me out in a sweat !

wonder what happened to Space Pioneers

never mind space pioneers . . . what happened to Dark Throne

my word, that was a long time ago :lol:

Space Pioneers got spoilt by Looki as far as I can remember. Dark Throne, now that is an oldie, but goody. I forgot all about that, which is strange considering how much time we all spent on it :smiley:

Space pioneers is still running and I’m still playing it. (well v2 of it anyway at sp2.looki.co.uk). running 2 accounts as I took on minidt account when he stopped playing, and that is quick high up there and is my main account fleet bsahing target :slight_smile:

OMG Ogame I still remember it fondly lol - did I really fund a whole war :wasted:

It is Ogames 10th Birthday and they have given everybody still playing a week of commander for free.

So all seven of us are thrilled then

You know a game’s on it’s last legs when you can spend time building solar sats to get the 300k power for Graviton Tech and only one person, TFW, spies on you in the two weeks it took to do :slight_smile: Still I got below rank 500 by doing so :smiley: There’s plenty of them there to destroy and recycle if anyone needs them in 2:322:10 in Kallisto. Enjoy, but watch out for my 12k Rocket Launchers :devil: