Lifemapper Announcement

Dear Lifemapper Community and Collaborators:

The Lifemapper Project Team has decided to make several significant changes to the Project as part of a new two-year design and re-implementation effort.

Probably the most significant change for most of you is that we are going to eliminate the distributed computation component and disable communications with the Lifemapper clients within a few weeks time–around the first of the new year.

The DC architecture has been very productive and until now critical for computing LM’s GARP prediction models. We gratefully thank each and everyone of you for your enthusiasm as collaborators operating LM’s distributed computing clients. We know how much your processing has contributed; the environmental biology community is in your debt for the cycles you volunteered and the models you computed.

At the moment the number of jobs being executed is outpacing the availability of new museum data. Unlike SETI, with an unlimited supply of radio astronomy signals, LM is dependent on source data from museum computerization projects. Currently that is our primary constraint for generating models for additional species. Not enough museums are coming online fast enough for us to take advantage of all of the power you and your collaborators are providing.

We intend to re-architect the LM species data archive, but we’ll keep the models you computed online until we restart the computation engines and gradually update the current models with those derived from museum data coming out next year and beyond. In the future, LM will use computational resources of a cluster we operate for modeling at the University of Kansas.

We plan to evolve LM into more research-oriented uses, migrating from a passive public archive model to a set of pluggable web services for environmental research applications, e.g. for cleaning and verifying spatial attributes of museum specimen locality information.

On behalf of the scientific, educational, and public users of the LM geospatial species data archive, thank you again for your dedication, perseverance, commitment and accomplishment. Because of you, LM is still the best and only general archive of species distribution niche models. We plan to build upon that success and experience.


Jim Beach
Lifemapper, Project Director


Still, at least we get to go out on top and hopefully with 2M…

:frowning: Oh well, I hope Predictor doesn’t take too long coming back online.

:frowning: A sad day indeed, I realy liked this project, oh well I’ll carry on till it finally stops, lets hope we can reach the 2mill before it closes and as Mulda says we will finish as the number 1 team :slight_smile:

Might take up folding again when it finishes.


Well all knew this was coming…so what is next people…what should we throw or systems at as a team…We should have a vote…maybe…Curly can you set this up?

Ok back to watching the next 15 days go by hope to get to 2,000,000

Would be ok…or maybe we should stop now we are still going to be # 1 and head into that new project…what is everyones take?




the only problem that leaves me with is decided what to crunch next and then finding all the people who crunch for me and getting them crunching said new project, sigh, lm has been such a great project

Chin up Lifemappers, lets get the 2mill to go out with a party :banana:

As for the next project, (non-Boinc) for the non believers :chuckle: :shrug: dunno, most are Boinc I suppose now, Predictor which we are no1 at is looking to return mid Jan (estimate).

So lets get those units flying and make the 2mil :bondage:


Personally, I’ll be going full tilt to try for the team 2M and secondary goal of a personal spot in the overall Top 10.

After that, I’ll probably revert back to F@H on a smaller scale.

im going for 500 personnal units…i know i dont do much but i like to think i help so what should i throw my mesley 500mhz at ?

and yes lets go for that 2mil :flip:

Truly sad…
Nothing else to be said.

so anyone got any suggestions for a command line based DC project? needs to be command line. none of this gui client nonsence, so that rules out bionc…

Well there’s Classic and dare I say Boinc cli

Folding@home, has both a grapichal and cli/text mode client, plus a few apps for monitoring, will re-check the F@H sticky make sure the links are still up to date.


thanks curly :slight_smile:

so whats wrong with using the Boinc CLI as a service ???

/me wonders about creating a new “driver” app :chuckle:


Now that would be cool

Curly…can you maybe make a listing of DC projects that would use CLI and post a VOTE on what would be the choice of our LM users…maybe we could all focus on one…and pool that to make TPR #1 or stay #1…hate seeing others trying to beat us…also would be nice if optimized for AMD…but not critical…

Ok back to programming…and watch LM work…would like to hit that 2M mark…also Planetspectre is going to go off line soon…for those that haven’t looked lately…



OK Greg I will have a look around and see what I can find tomorrow.

P.S I’m not far behind you now in species mapped :slight_smile:


Saw that Curly…not sure why…I’m working lots of units thru the system…oh well come on by…zoom…