Next Mojos - Choices

OK gang here’s the skinny.

We are solidly booked in December, and can’t do anything because of staff hols in October.
So, to sort out the meets for the rest of the year I have the options as follows:

Autumn meet Sat 17th Sept and Christmas meet Sat 26th November
Autumn meet Sat 24th Sept and Christmas meet Sat 26th November
Combined meet Sat 22nd October only
Combined meet Sat 26th November only

Any other combination seem to be too many meets in too few weeks

Vote away! The poll is multiple choice and all votes are public. I voted for all/any :slight_smile:

Forum admins: please feel free to modify the poll to add other options if members deem them suitable, with it coming up to weekend I won’t be around much.

I’ve voted all too :smiley:

Have added other option ‘any date fine’ :slight_smile:

pending contracts out to tender, voted tentatively just for the October date, although be a shame to miss one now I’m level with Damski :smiley:


Voted for any…would prefer one of the later dates as i’m not sure of the earlier ones but don’t want to deprive any one of a mojo’s if they can get there…and i might (big might) be able to get to any of them.

You’ll be there :stuck_out_tongue: Look what you gave up to come to last one :lol:

I can probably make any of them, but would prefer a Sept/Nov combo.

If we go for one in November, TPR will just have celebrated its 5th birthday so we aught to try and do something a bit special for that.

Anyone remember all those predictions that TPR would not last very long?

I voted for adate but the one with the 17th September in…Uni moving in day…

maybe I shouldn’t have voted the 24th either…

a Nov or Oct one best for me!

Voted for “any date”

I have no preferance to the dates but would like two meets before christmas rather than one :cool:

Sat 24th Sept and Christmas meet Sat 26th November works good for me.

But i’ll go either way if neccesary, means i’ll have to juggle things a bit though.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Theres one for the book of quotes . . . . .

i’ve gone for the one meet, dont mind which, although the last one was great it was abit thin on the ground and alot of the excuses were monetry. i think one meet would do us :slight_smile:


Ignore me :confused:

Think I’m loosing the plot

Nope, gotta have 2 before year end :smiley:

:yippee: 26th November - a date that means I may at last make it to one of these weekends. :slight_smile:

not everyones got a money tree at the end of there garden like you Hids :wink: :slight_smile:


g/f just pointed out that 24th sept will be bad for me going back to uni aswell, which will probably mean the same for BigSix wherever he is. it will be around the time Bounceout says fairwell to his g/f as she’s off to uni aswell.


Dutch Door Action.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Whatever the date is for the events, make sure you post in the thread for a lift, there were a couple of people who could have given you a lift to the last one.

You only have to ask…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Jeez Hids, could I get a cutting? Does it grow just quid or will good old American soil make it leaf out in greenbacks! :wink: :moon: