Next Mojos - Choices

I wish I did have one :rolleyes: Thankfully it doesn’t actually cost me that much to come to Mojo’s and it’s worth every penny for peace from Barry & the kids for the weekend :smiley:

Well I voted for “any date” cos its all so far away that I have no idea what will be happening in my life at that point.

None of the above dates are already spoken for though!

Lets get it on

Seeing as we are only 2 and a bit weeks away from one of the propoesed date’s

Can we get this nailed A.S.A.P. ?

24th Sept is no good for me unfortunately, and I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in November as I’m out of a job from the 6th Nov.

:eek: How come TG? :frowning:

Democracy speaks - 24th & 26th it is.

:woot: does that mean I can go book train tickets? :smiley:

Can’t believe you won’t be there again though TG :frowning:

:woot: lets get thoose gadets and pants ready :wink:

could be difficult, may involve a long stop between leicester and aber on the way to uni, lets see how much crap the R5 can take (and leave the computer accessable:))


IF I can make it, I can pop in a spare rig for you :smiley: It’s going to be one of those where not sure right up till the last minute :eek:


i was thinking of doing dropping by en route to uni, the rig wont be the problem, gertting it out will be… dont know if i’ll do it. it is the weekend they let us in at uni, were allowed in halls on the sunday. the car will have all my possetions in

I’m out of the RAF as from the 6th Nov, becoming the highest rank in the airforce MISS!!! woohoo…

Excellent stuff on becoming highest rank :thumbsup: Any thoughts on what you want to do when you finish?

Err… yeah but I don’t think it will make me very popular and its not finalised yet, still going through the application process so I’ll wait till I’m confirmed in my new job and then tell you…:slight_smile:

If I was to come down it wont be on the 24th sept thats when i getting married :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to Mojos, cheaper in the long run

You could always get married at Mojo’s - now that would be something to talk about in years to come :stuck_out_tongue:

get the microphone out for the thread


How come 20 people voted that 24 sep/any date was fine, but there’s no where near 20 names on the attendees list? :confused:

Those who voted :moon:

1 Alta Rica - :thumbsup:
2 bigsheff1 - ? nothing said yet
X drezha - said in thread that can’t make 24th due to Uni
3 Hidden_Spirit - :thumbsup:
4 JUGGY - nothing said to indicate tickets got :Poke:
5 MAOJC - see above :chuckle:
5 (again)MAOJC see above the above
6 markONE - (see PMM)
7 Mojo - kinda hoping he’ll be there
8 MrTFWitt - not sure in how many bits, but will be there
9 Peige - wife has dibs on the weekend :frowning:
10 PMM - posted unsure due to car situation which affects markONE
11 Preecey - :thumbsup:
12 Radar - all gone quiet
13 Sgt Bilko - :thumbsup:
14 Shanks - nothing posted
15 sirgaz - bringing the little :devil:
16 Speedo - :thumbsup:
17 TankGirl - transport ?
18 TechnoKitty - nope from Kaiwaobblethingdooinmypants

+DoubleTop who voted for the 22ndOct but will do best to make sure

possibles, we have Bullseye who made need to drive to Uni first to drop off car full of uni stuff
Step2000 will be on msn speakerchat :slight_smile:
Binlala is Radar or someone from that area can give him a lift
wolram - if he finds can get out of his old man chair :Poke: :moon:
ReikiMaster - if I kidnap him

We want more suckers for satans blood, jonty must be due his weekend release from the nuthouse soon as well