Ogame : BANNED :-)

This account is banned until2009-07-22 21:27:11,Account banned for player offence.ban information here .

Sun Jul 19 2009 21:27:11 Liam MrTFWitt Wed Jul 22 2009 21:27:11 Bashing (First Offense)

Not bad, I put it in Holiday mode on Friday so I think its not a genuine ban but can I be bothered to argue ?

You nawty lad :lol:

I would have offered you mine for a month, but if you’re in Holiday mode there’s probably a reason for it :wink:

Anyone else getting these Emails ?

[I]We salute you, Emperor wolram
Witness the dawning of a new OGame era!

The vast expanse of the OGame galaxies await - now completely redesigned. Start with your colonies and experience first-hand and through impressive new graphics how your realm becomes a galaxy-wide empire!

Play OGame again, for the first time, with a
breathtaking new layout.

But don’t wait too long, because OGame-Redesign is limited to one universe per country… for now. Join now and prepare to meet the future.

An extensive tutorial will ease your entry into the game, and will provide valuable incentives at each step. Overcome all challenges and get to know the world of OGame.

May your empire be a beacon of light in the dark depths
of the universe.

Your OGame team[/I]

I notice it says nothing about fixing bugs though :lol:

if it came from gameforge, on my servers it will have gone straight to spam :wink:


I was sceptical

So took a look - Interface sux (Its all prettyfied but dark/ugly at the same time)

Game play = same (except you get a small bonus when you achieve certain targets like getting you Metal mine upto level 5 as well as your cystal mine to lvl 2 and solar to level 4 when you meet that you get a little extra resources.

TBH - Its :spammed::spammed::spammed:

To be honest I haven’t looked at the game properly for ages, I just log in to my account every few weeks to keep it active (occasional nudge req’d, thanks TFW)

I wonder where are they up to in Unis now, must be around Uni 65 by the way they were going :lol:

I still don’t miss Ogame, but do miss the ‘team laughs’ we had when it was still a fun game to play, maybe something else will come along … time passes… :lol:

Kind of getting back into Darkthrone TBH -

Still got the Uni37 only log in to keep it alive - Looking at my rank I have to be honest in saying I don’t think anyone is playing it lol I’ve not played for 4+ months I am not exactly dropping in rank while in vacation lol.

I do miss having a decent group game TPR used to be quite a force in many games in times of old.

Times a change unfortunately :frowning:

Space Pioneers :Pimp:



Nah gone off outer space games

indeed. i used to love it and my fleet was always active as was my races with a certain zimmer frame. but it died out. i am currently playing no games what-so ever. however if anyone comes across something that we might be able to get into as a team lets go for it and dominate some other place. so long as we get to attack pirates

try voyage century its a ok game but its a bit crap at times

I know i am sad !!

But; I am looking to get back into Ogame
does anyone have a Uni2 account going spare?

[QUOTE=Robo;444214]I know i am sad !!

But; I am looking to get back into Ogame
does anyone have a Uni2 account going spare?[/QUOTE]

I can prob find you one , gimmie a few days

Thanks for the offer of help
I will be interested

anyone in the TPR alleince active? i need to get my rank changed and chnaged so i can manage the alleince,a guy called oldstuff cant do it. and i cant send meassages round.

Doesn’t even list you Noel … unless you’re the All Done here guy that joined a few days ago :confused:

yeah… Mrtfwitt’s account.

edit, i see you changed my rank; thanks

Any chance of manageing the alleicnce? i did desigh nearly everything on the allience page atm…

well I’ve just logged in again and found I have been altered from right hand man to TPR Jedi Worthy … so I can’t do anything now :o

Docguard seems to be right hand man now ? :sigh:

confused, Oldstuff was the only guy who can do that, and form a pm i got asking to change my rank, he didnt know how to do it… Now a inactive guys has right hand…

yeah wierd … and I’m sure I didn’t do it, I’ve done it long enough not to screw up :confused:

edit: I suppose it makes sense if someone active in the game was right hand man, rather than myself that has been in Vac mode for months on end, but from now on everything will have to be done through ingame messages … 'cos no bugger else comes on here :lol: