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The latest changes to the OGAME RULES

The TPR IRC Channel
The tpr IRC chatroom for ogame is on the quakenet servers and the channel is #tpr_allience (yes mispelt on purpose)
often there is a password set of “meltingpot”

Entire Summary; Ships, Techs, etc.


explaination of the research network and terraformer


Moons Q & A all information regarding what they are, how they’re formed, how to use them, etc

A nice application found by Kevin

Anyone checked out Nollex. You can search for players or alliances in all universes. I think this could be useful -

Click on ‘:: suche (.org) ::’ on the left, select a universe, and put in a name or alliance.

A Translated Ver of Nollex

[cheers Kevin] :thumbsup:

here’s a nice program for working out how much damage an IPM attack will do RAKSIM

Link to Dutchmans CR CONVERTER and a link to the TAKANA page (CR Converter and Ogame Calculator)

here you are then, some questions from Aether to keep you busy :smiley:

I’m at work until 2pm, so gives you lot time to answer :lol:

First of all, I saw a thread that said something about grav, grav planets and grav farming. What are these? I thought they meant the research, but I didn’t think you could “farm” research?

we are talking about the research here basicly to get grav tech it dosnet require any mins to do it but you need a one hell of a a lot of energy avalible for it . Most people will pick a planet that is out of the way or something to biuld up power plants and build a 6000 to 10000 solar sats on .

term i had used grav farming was people who look for people trying to gain the power to start the reseach destroying all the solor says for all the crystal thay can pocket.

Can planets be destroyed, or buildings on them? I mean… can I lose a planet if someone attacks it enough? Can I lose a planet at all?

no a planet can not be destroyed nore can any of there biuldigs othere than defences like lasers and such. only way to destroy a planet is to do it yourself .

Moons on othere hands can be destroyed but only with a RIP aka deathstar and even that not garentyed theres good chance you can loose both or just the deathstar trying to destroy a moon.

What are the advantages of setting aside a seperate planet for, say, research, or fleet building?

well no real big one othere than some planets arnt really big and till you can get some biger ones a specialzed one can help. plus if you going be haveing lot mins on hand if u can set a side a plant to do major biulding or research away from prying probes . you can usealy keep the mins long anough not to loose them .

How exactly does combat work? In the battles I’ve seen, weaker ships, in numbers, do not seem to stand up to fewer, but more powerful ships? Why is this, and does it mean you should only focus fleet construction on the most powerful ships?

well not sure the pure math on it but mass light fighters can take out batleships you just have to have anough them that there total power is more than the total shields with anough to spare to damge the hulls anough befor the Battleships can take them out. basicly it takes about 13 to 14 light fighters to take out a BS’s .

For building defence, what is a good strategy? And I assume defence is more powerful for the resource cost than fleet?

well way i see it best stragy is have a good mix of all ground defence go heve on the cheap stuff as they usealy first things hit when a plantet is attacked more you have gives yoor big guns more time to destroy ships . you dont have aways have anought to wipe out the attacking fleet though that is nice :slight_smile: you will make anyone who is any good in the game think twice iy your defences withh hurt them anough to loose more in resorces from ships losses than thay will recover for attacking you .

Me and a friend play from the same IP, how do we trade ??

Most TPR players will act as an inbetween for these types of trades. There is a way to fool the system by using an anonymous proxy. This routes the information that is sent in packets to make it appear from the proxy IP and thus overcomes the IP block.

For those not sure - to ‘feed’ to your browser. Here is how in IE.
Tools>Internet Options>Connections>Lan Settings
enter the proxy information in the lower frame of the dialog box.
Please do not forget to remove afterwards as although anonymous, using a proxy may be a security risk.


Fairly straight forward if you already use IRC

in Irc [quakenet] copy and paste:

/j #tpr_allience meltingpot

originally posted by wolram here
1.Is it true you can’t be “seen” if fleetsaving to a debris field or moon ??

2.If you’re in a danger area, would splitting the fleet into 3 - 4 be worth it ?

3.Does sending & recalling a couple of times confuse the phalanx readings ? (costly in deut ?)

  1. the way to hide it to fleetsave FROM a moon to a debris field, then your fleet can’t be seen.

  2. i would think so, i started to get worried as my main was getting spied alot with people after my fleet. my main sits there with 160 ish BS. thing is i have 6 fleets over 90 BS i think :slight_smile:

  3. it will confuse the person but not the phlanx. if you recall a fleet that has been deployed then it is supposed to be invisible to phlanx but this doesnt always work :S

originally posted by Darin
I am looking at attacking an inactive planet that has a small fleet. However, it does not have a debris field.

What do you guys do to get the recyclers sent? Do you sacrifice a probe so you can send the recyclers?

quite simply yes. send a probe in on attack mode so you can collect the debris

originally posted by Ruud
about the nanite factory
does it mean when i attack and a ship gets damaged it will repair itselves???

nanites does not help ships in any way other than building them faster, they halve the time to build ships, defences and buildings

posted by Ruud
Question: how far can they scan with a moon???

reply by collosux
4. What is a sensor phalanx and how does it work?

A sensor phalanx allows you to scan any planet within range (range is [(level of the phalanx)² - 1] solar systems). When you scan a planet, you get a readout in a popup of all fleets going to and coming from that planet, similar to the overview screen of that player, giving the exact arrival times, and the fleet composition. The advantage of this, is a player can scan your planet, see your fleet on a mission, and time his fleet to arrive 2 seconds after at your planet, this meaning he will destroy it for sure. This is why it’s vital to avoid being in phalanx range. Every scan with a sensor phalanx costs 5,000 deuterium.



Ok 2 questions:

  • What does this mean??:: Chance for counterespionage: 48 %??? :confused:

  • When i attack someone, most of the time he picks the halve of the resources, BUT sometimes when i send more battle ships i get more of the loot!!! How come??? :confused:

as far as i know counterespionage simply is how likely you are to catch and destroy there probes, i have caught people with 100% i have also caught people with as little as 3%. alternatively it is how likely they are to catch your probes if your doing the spying

you can only ever take half of what your opponent has, you will take more with more battleships as they have quite alot of cargo space

hope this helps

as a question for the moon owners, does you moon count as a colony? i’m sure i’ve seen it somewhere but cannot remember where… can you have 8 colonie 1 main + a moon on every planet?


I have 7 planets in total and 1 moon, so maybe I should get another colony and see, but I would have thought you could have 8 colonies and 1 main and all with a moon, my reasoning is that if you have all the planets you can have. you would never get a moon… might not have expalined it well, but you should get what I mean.


I have 8 planets and 1 moon… doesn’t seem that the colony max thing is linked to moons
I would guess you could have a moon on every planet… i’m thinking you would need more than one to use jump gates anyway.

Does an Ogame universe ever get ‘reset’ or do they just keep adding new universes?

they keep going til the server hasn’t got enough player so they turn it off as far as i know, they just keep adding universes if you want to start on a level field, we tried in uni 5 but it never really took off.


You can have a moon on every single one of your 9 planets (8 colonies and 1 main).

I was reading the thing about the Bashing Rule the other day, and it says you can launch a maximum of 3 wave attacks (9 fleets total), against a planet per day,

The Bashing rules have now changed. See the NEW OGAME RULES link in the first post


Can anyone explain why it takes longer to travel from my main planet 3:17:8 to say 3:400:x than it does to get to 2:x:x or 4:x:x ?? :confused:

It would seem logical that systems in the same galaxy are closer than a different one. But hey, what do I know. :rolleyes:


not really rember space goes in eavery dirsction but ogame not really like that lol think of systems goijng out from your left to your right gal goung from top to bottom or up and down so u can go all most as far going to a planet on outer ring of the system as you can going to a difernt gal .

OK, another noob type question which I can’t find an answer to?

In the galaxy screen, what is the time that is on some people?
I was guessing it was the time they logged off, but if thats the case how can someone be in-active (i) or (iI) and still log on? and still be in-active after the server updates?


it is the last time there was fleet activity there, ie if someone probed the planet 10 mins ago it should say 10 min

Question about rankings…

I thought I read somewhere on Ogame forums about not being able to attack someone who has a lower score than you, something about divisible by 5 comes to mind.

Question is, how can someone ranked 15th be allowed to attack me? surely I should appear green to him. :confused:

Confuses me even still today…

basically under 5K points I think that rule holds true
over 5K then you can’t hit players with 20% less points than you but can anyone with more.
Over 25K there’s no protection

From the Ogame forums http://www.ogame224.de/forum/thread.php?threadid=590
How does noob-protection work ?

< 5.000 points: You can´t attack players with more then 500% of your own points or less then 20% of your own points. Those ppl can´t attack you too.

> 5.000 points: You can attack everybody who has more points then you and those can attack you too. You still can´t attack ppl with less then 20% of your points and they can´t attack you too.

> 25.000 points: You can attack everybody who has more then 5.000 points and those can attack you too.

though it hasnt really been asked, I always wondering how the espionage level and the amount of probes relate to spy information. Finally found answer :

How does the espionage system works?

The espionage system is kind of hard to understand but i am going to try my best
The more levels the espionage level of your enemy is higher than yours the more probes you have to sent to make up the difference. [ (enemy espionage lvl - your espionage level)² ] for example: (10 - 7)² = 3² = 9 (you have to send 9 additional probes to fix the 3 levels of difference).
After you fixed the difference(or if you have a higher or same as high espionage level) it works like this:

1 Probe at the same level of espionage = Ressources are shown ( actually ressources are always shown )

2 Probes at the same level of espionage( or 2 probes added to the number of probes needed to fix the difference of espionage or 1 level higher espionage than your enemy has) = fleet is shown too

3 Probes at the same level of espionage( or 3 probes added to the number of probes needed to fix the difference of espionage or 2 level higher espionage than your enemy has) = defense is shown too

5 Probes at the same level of espionage( or 5 probes added to the number of probes needed to fix the difference of espionage or 2 level higher espionage than your enemy has) = buildings are shown too

7 Probes at the same level of espionage( or 7 probes added to the number of probes needed to fix the difference of espionage or 3 level higher espionage than your enemy has) = technologies are shown too

So back to the example from the beginning. If you want to see everything you have to sent 16 probes ( 9 + 7 = 16 ).