Richard Hammond Injured in car crash

Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond is in a critical condition in hospital after a crash in a jet-powered car while filming for the programme.
The presenter, 36, was taken by air ambulance to a Leeds hospital which has a special neurological unit.

A North Yorkshire Ambulance Service spokesman said he was unconscious when they got to the scene but was regaining consciousness at the hospital.

apparently it was the Vampire which is good for 330mph, i dont hold much hope for him. fingers crossed. :xfinger:

…was just comming here to post this… fingers crossed indeed, Top Gear wont be the same without him.

:xfinger: come on Hammy…

I hope he pulls through :(.


Brianiac will need a new presenter then for a while. Here’s hoping he’ll make it. :xfingers:

I was watching Topgear tonight on uktvgold,
as soon as i read this it was a shock,
i really do hope he pulls through,
there will be no point watching topgear without him imho.
Fingers crossed here :frowning:

Hope he gets through this :frowning:

Come on Hamster.

Lost a tyre at 315mph :eek:
A bit more detail in the soar away sun

hes “improving”

just heard on the news hes got a “significant brain injury”

Anyone wishing to donate to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance that ferried Richard to hospital can do so here

The doctors seem hopeful that he will recover.

i heard it was 50 50 yesterday but he has improved,

May and Clarkson went to see him, and aparently he took the mickey out of May so he is at least himself, everyone wants him to pull through,

Clarkson is quoted to have said “we just want your hamster back”

dont we all

good luck Hammond, get well soon

there’s rumours that clarkson got a smile from him by saying "your in hospital because your a bad driver. i thought that kinda morbid but funny
hope he does get better and report are looking hopeful at the moment

I’m sorry to hear about someone being hurt… but forgive me … who is he?!

Richard hammond is a presenter for a top show in the uk called TopGear.
and he is a funny guy,
and well liked guy at that.
but as you guessed is not in a very good way at the moment due to crashing a rocket type car at nearly 300mph.
but it looks like he will recover but i dont think anyone knows the extent of his injuries.

Come on hammy pull thru :slight_smile:

Just seen on the news he is out of intensive care,
not quite out of danger but sounds like he’s doind well.

I see. thats too bad. All the best to him.

fenix, here’s a clip of him in Brainiac

or even better one oh him actuall on the show…but Hypnotised!!! :lol: