Right, Who was it?

Who overclocked the weather?

The pool I took two days to fill with expensive metered tap water now needs to be pumped out as its now overflowing with rain water.
Theres flashes and crashes and bangs all around but at least the power has stayed on.

Looks like I wont be mowing much grass this weekend.

[QUOTE=MrTFWitt;382740]Who overclocked the weather?


I bet Stevieboy has a hand in it somehow :smiley:

We managed to get some of the garden tidied up yesterday while it was glorious sunshine, and by god the grass needed it :eek:

Back to normal pissing it down today though :rolleyes:

Will put up a picture in a while, hit us very hard here !

Quite a few roads getting closed around here, thunderstorms last night and been pelting down all day…

Think I should have finished the grass yesterday…

Was about 10 inches deep and into the workshops but only shallow, strangly wasn’t worried about the electrical side of things :lol:

well i was karate canvassing today and my feet are wet and smelly


It’s vile here. Think I’ll buy a canoe…

some fek in an 18 wheeler decided to run me off the road yesterday, spent an hour in a small lake next to the road before i was towed out and the engine dried out enough to restart. not a happy bunny, but at least no damage.

Though I think I know which of the two you’d probably opt for

Heh if I had a Tomcat I wouldn’t care what the weather was

well the flood sirens are going off again, me thanks forsight for letting me buy a house the the top of a hill, well as much of a hill as you get in Lincolnshire.

Got a huge lake at the bottom of the garden here, sadly still not got a working camera so no snaps.

i was going to ask “what bloody hills?!”

the dykes do there job though, my nans cottage (holiday home sort of thing) has a dyke right pu side and it was full in the brim last time i was there…

I bet a few members here would be interested in a holiday home like that :wink:

My floods in pictures, some are much better than others :wink:


god…all this flooding…its sunny here

Two pictures submitted and not a trace of sarcasm? You’re slipping Mr Witt!

Not directly at your place? I thought you were on a wee hill…

Was up the top of the hill opposite the pub on Friday, came down midnight-ish, Elmo took a beating. Auxiliary battery has given up the ghost, both headlight bulbs blown, and exhaust dropped off the manifold again. Yesterday being the first dry day took at it with the spanners, all fixed, so decided to pop for a pint. Threw my toolbag in the boot, and hey-ho 2Kg dry powder extinguisher in the boot went off. What a mess! Found the safety pin for the extinguisher, it was in the boot, just not in the trigger :sigh:

Bugger Mojo :frowning:

You’re famous now TFW :chuckle:

Don’t you mean infamous Hids :smiley: