Server move

A quick note to all, the TPR site will be moving to a new server at some point before July. The exact location out of the many servers I manage is still being decided.

During the move there may be some weird dns stuff going on - I’ll also need all those with TPR domain email addresses to change settings.

I’ve already made a start moving some of the other domains that run on the server, but those are much simpler than moving the TPR database :slight_smile:


Thanks for the “heads up” DT! :slight_smile:

Cheers DT!! :thumbsup:

[QUOTE=DoubleTop;440575]During the move there may be some weird dns stuff going on - I’ll also need all those with TPR domain email addresses to change settings.

DT.[/QUOTE]Okies, what needs changing… can you send us a message when anything needs doing please.


Ah, this must explain the Internal server error I got when trying to do the stats earlier today.

[QUOTE=Curly99;440601]Okies, what needs changing… can you send us a message when anything needs doing please.


Once I’ve got the location decided upon (I have three options) I’ll send a mail round ot let everyone know the change.

Was that when trying to post? or getting the stats files. The stats are hosted elsewhere, if it was when trying to post, that’ll be why we are moving :wink:


It was when trying to copy the stats files from the staomatic that I was getting the Internal server error.


new server will be provisioned during this week, in preperation for a move one evening or during a Saturday.

I’ve pruned a few forums to make life a little easier for me, and I shall be disabling the ability to upload new attachments as then I can pre-load the new server with the attachments to split out the potential “downtime”. If you could take a look through your PM inboxes, that would be appreciated as that’s a reasonably large table.

The smaller the database can get, the less downtime we see as I can force DNS propogation, so the downtime will be all about the upload speed of my office SDSL connection.


Done :thumbsup:

Cheers for the work :slight_smile:

Wiped out the inbox :slight_smile:

well, I’m pretty sure most noticed that one of my concerns over the server we are currently hosted on was confirmed last night.

The instance of mysql went belly up, it’s sorted now and has accelerated the priority of moving the server, new host purchased this morning.


Thanks for keeping on top of it DT, noticed things had gone mammary vertical this morning :slight_smile:

Cheers DT. Was a bit worried when I saw the DB error this morning. :thumbsup:

I bet you weren’t as worried as me - the overnight backup failed as well. All good again now and just waiting for the new server to be provisioned and we can move.


Thanks for taking such good care of this forum DT…
It really is truly appreciated.
Have a pint on me! just send the bill and I file with the rest.:smiley:

attachments are now disabled to shorten the downtime when the move starts.


Well i’ve done my bit to help… tidied up my desk and i’m taking home my pens and coffee mug for the weekend :slight_smile:

Set the zone ttl to 1 minute, that will ensure DNS propogates quickly

For those techy based, which I guess is most of us :lol:

Nameservers are set for the domain to be the dedicated hosting box we have been running on for ages. That box is where requests will come to, and I can control the cname records on there to point to the IP address of the new server, which forces a pretty much instant DNS change. Once that is done and confirmed it all works, I’ll move the nameservers to the new VPS server, using a DNS glue record for the ns records this time.

I’ve already done this with three other domains that were on the dedicated box, no downtime at all with those as they were fixed content. The downtime this time will be the time it takes to transfer the 180Mb worth of database, as during that time I will close the forums. The attachments are stored in filesystem, so those are being moved at the moment, and hence why they have been disabled early.

The fun at the moment is remembering the various chmod commands that I’ll need to run on the directory structure :lol:

At the moment, the main website is being moved over as is - I plan to move that to be Drupal based and update it as it looks a bit crap. That’s about it for now, my net connection is taking a right hammering :smiley:


I am going to take a break from having to argue with the faltering instance of mysql and have something to eat.

Enjoy your Friday nights all, I’m out to a party tonight so if thinks don’t go right first time - things could get interesting :lol:

Rough estimate, forums on this server will be switched off between 17:30 and 18:00. The database will take an hour or so to move, then I’ve an hour to get it all working before I’m off out to get :wasted: :smiley: has moved with success :slight_smile: DNS not all moved accross due to the zone way I do the subdomains, but the move has worked and the site still displays - but boy does it show that it needs an update :eek: