Seti Boinc and Classic Down

This from the Boinc website:

March 2, 2005 - 19:00 UTC
The building power is still untrustworthy. A diagnostic power outage is going to be scheduled for some time next week.
To clarify our current situation, all of our servers are in fact on UPSs and we suffered no database damage from the power outage this past Monday. What we do not have in place yet is a graceful shutdown system should the power fail and we are not here. We have installed the software on the servers that will enable them to recognize when they are on battery backup. We are waiting on the special communication cables that are necessary to connect the UPSs to the servers. They had to be special ordered and we expect them tomorrow.

While we have been down these last 2 days, we have been doing various maintenance tasks. Currently we are running a database backup. Once that is done, we plan to bring the project up for half a work day or so today. We will shut it down again at 01:00 UTC.

The classic SETI@Home project is currently up (but will also be shut down at 01:00 UTC.)

This from the Classic website:

March 1, 2005
Power Outage Update: Since the cause of the random power outages is still unknown, we are leaving the data server off during the evenings (users will not get workunits/send results at that time, and various web site facilities will not operate correctly). We can handle power outages during the day while we’re at the lab, and are working towards a better system to handle outages at night. Meanwhile, campus is trying to diagnose and fix the problem (which effects the entire building - not just us).

/pats his SETIQ and continues crunching :wink:

makes it damned hard to Borg additional machines
The following machines are idle and not crunching because Berekely was down whilst I had access to them

xp2600 x 3


If anyone wants to use my SETIQ for a while, it’s - those nice chaps from BT just upgraded my 1Mbps ADSL to 2Mbps so I should be good for bandwidth :wink:

Thank God for Climate Prediction’s Extra large w00ts.

Currently got 3 comps running 100%, going to be nice when all my w00ts get validated.


March 3, 2005
We are in the middle of testing a new battery backup system. The project will be down for an hour or so.

Yeah Right :frowning:

It’s up (officially)

I’m getting an occasional connection, guess the servers are currently swamped…

I’m happily enjoying Folding again for a while, until all this outage is sorted more satisfactorily, so the CPU cycles aint wasted at least.

This site is up and down more often than a strippers knickers.

:chuckle: :nod:

Seti classic is not really going to go out with a bang is it…

I could have revived part of a Cunning-o-matic cluster today but a quick prod of berkeley showed it was a waste of time trying.

Other than killing the stats pages this is probably the best way to bring it to a close, when my cache runs dry its game over for Seti at TFW towers

SO put it on BOINC or Folding…

March 4, 2005 - 19:00 UTC
The project is currently up but may go down (and back up) without announcement as we try to get the UPS’s to talk to our servers

March 5, 2005 - 01:00 UTC
The project is down for the weekend. Although we made some diagnostic progress, the servers are still not able to talk to the UPS’s. The power in the building is still not trustworthy. There will probably be a power outage next week so that campus can track this down

well guess it wasnt up all that long ohhh well.

…and just to add insult to injury, Folding@home is having probs with its servers and I cannot get another core downloaded. Oh well :sigh:


Your machines can’t get units, or upload the ones they have, because we have put UPS hardware on the servers and are therefore playing with cables. The UPS devices work, but the cables don’t. So we’ve taken everyting down for the weekend so we can have some time off.

lol, you have got to laugh haven’t you… at least they are keeping us informed these days :wink:

/looks worryingly at only 43 cached units left in SETIQ :uhh:

/looks lovingly at the 148 cached units in SETIQ :smiley:

only one machine on seti boinc and thats a resource share with predictor anyway so won’t be left without work :woot:


heh, run out of work is one thing I won’t be doing. But my boincview screens are full of SETI units trying to upload, my whole fleet is continually pinging SETI to try and get a response, and basically it’s a pain…