We are starting to slip in our folding production and beefy is slipping away also. We aren’t losing by many points to them, a extra few units per day would make up the difference in a week. We were behind by 10K but it has since gone down slightly so there is hope. We have beaten their output 3 of the past 4 updates.

I know everyone is folding hard… but if there is anyone on TPR who is not folding, or has a few extra rigs that they can put towards the project, I really encourage it. Our teams name is on the line, lets not let ourselves down.

Thanks for all your efforts :slight_smile:

What he said

May have 2 new folders by the end of the week… a 733Mhz Celeron and an AMD 3100

cross your fingers for me :slight_smile:

Seems we woke some form of beast in both camps, we are motoring comparable to old and so are Beefys - a big winner = Stanford :smiley:

I hate to say it, but too much heat recently = too much leccy to cool it all so about 25Ghz is OFF :cry: :cry:


rats… thats what we get for accepting a challenge in the summer…

just posted another 53 points for the team… woohoo…

not really :wink:

got 3 500+ points finishing in the next 36 hours and another crumby 56 pointer… the computer is stuck on tiny wu mode… I should delete the queue.

Like DT says both teams have had a good responce to the race and the real winner is Stanford, and compared to a few weeks back the folding team is going great guns, but with summer on the go it is enevitable that we would lose a few crunchers/machines due to heat. I hope that the majority will continue to fold once the races are over.

fold on, Curly

Well unless global warming takes off in a big way, summer temeratures are not a huge problem in Scotland. Finally I’ve found an advantage to our crap weather :rolleyes:

So to make you feel a bit better (not) I’ll switch on a 3.6GHz P4 HT to help make up the difference. :cool:

What ever it takes to keep the 4-stooges from winning the “Slackers of the week” award yet again.

Oh, and I thought you were supposed to have stomped me by now Mr Nightlord

/me digs a deep trench and hides in it

To coin a phrase…assume the position :smackbum:

Anyway,the Nightlord Express will hardly notice the bump as it passes over you:driving:

Its too bad about the rigs that are lost 'cause of the heat… but I can understand that. I will continue to fold regardless of heat or competition.

4,000 a day down to about 1400 sure is smarting, I’m trying to avoid looking at the stats page that shows Nightlord as top Folder. Just makes me want to buy air-con units :cuckoo:


doesnt sound a bad idea… :stuck_out_tongue:

Or move North:rolleyes:

/me sends electricity bill to Mr binlala


I don’t think air conditioning will help with the electricity bill… I have that, and a pool pump running 24/7… yesh…

I know it hurts, I borrowed a unit last year and I think I’m still paying for it the way my direct debit billing works. Was a massive increase, this year is simple, wireless laptop in the shade bit of the garden :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear your 'leccy woes DT.

Feel kind of guilty now…nah, shakes head and gets some sense back…

2 more cores now live running at 3.6GHz :devil:

I didn’t even think of that. It’s about… 3C outside at the moment. :slight_smile:

As someone also noted on our forums, you guys are outproducing what we had been doing before the challenge. Everyone does seem to have stepped up, and it’s good to see :wink:

OK I’m folding about as much as i can atm (i have even managed to convince my mother that this folding lark was worthwhile!) But at what point does it become unviable to install foldibng on a pc. I mean what cpu/memory combo is gonna strugle so hard that any contribution becomes negligible compared to the time taken to produce it.

I’ve got a couple of old 550’s and 700’s lying about and could put them together with a leap into linux to get them up but tbh would it be worth the effort?


Yes :slight_smile: Lucky for you in Australia… winter time there now I suppose… how cold does it actually get… Where i’m from its about -20C in the winter and +30C in the summer… right now its not too bad at 23C but its supposed to hit 33C this week. My P4’s may have to take an afternoon off if thats the case… especially with stock Intel cooling units in them all.