Team shake-up

Right, the time has come for a re-shuffle - as you might have noticed the Team is getting a little “stagnant”, it seems the time is right to try to inject some fresh oomph into the Team. Therefore the thought was to shuffle the Mods, reduce them in number and make them roaming so they are not just responsible for individual forums. This way Mods can still lean towards forums they have an interest in but still have Mod control over all others.

On top of that, the creation of two “UberMod/Forum Leader/Community Leader” posts will happen. They will be responsible for bringing the Team back into the forefront of SETI, BOINC and generally raising the morale of the Team as well as promoting the TPR name in general. Initially, Mojo and MAOJC stepped forward and they seem good candidates. However, if you do not agree then vote the “No” option and post your two choices below.

This poll will run until Saturday lunchtime, if the majority are happy for Mojo/MAOJC to step up then so be it. If the majority is against it, the nominations posted will go to a vote.

Get voting!

I nominate

Alta Rica and MAOJC

Neither has ever left team or positions of power in a hissy fit

Both have calmed down flammable situations and both have always thought about what they wrote before actually writing it.

Erm…point of order m’lud but are you allowed to vote if you are nominated?

I nominate DT as 1

Edit: Don’t see why not Mojo :slight_smile:


I guy that’s always had the teams interests at hart IMO

Thanks Barry :slight_smile: It would feel bizarre voting myself anything. In fact, no, I’ll abstain.

Please follow the poll…

No (in which case post your two nominations below)

Also I think it should be policed if you vote no and have not posted nominations
then its deducted of the tally.

I think mojo and maojc are great candidates.

Mojo has great experiance of organising the team especially with the great work he’s done with the lan parties.

Majoc has a fantastic team experiance in the realm of whipping up enthusiasm for the DC teams accross the board and it will be good to have someone from “over the pond” so this team is truly international.

So you can vote yes anonymously, but to vote no you need to post ?

You are aware that N2OCapri said he is leaving TPR after this is finished? :confused:

@ M@tt: Surely the poll can be changed so that all votes are visible? We’ve had polls like that before?


Why have it visible atall ? a simple yes or no is fine, for those who would prefer other candidates to those mentioned are free to speak up and post their thoughts.

Edit maybe suspend new registrations ?

Yes it can be set so all those posted are seen by all.

The ‘No’ part of poll is asking for nominations for 2 people yes ?

can’t vote another 2 without mentioning who they are!!! you going to have
to say at some point.

Trouble is there is no option for “I don’t think anymore ranks are needed and I can promote the team without needing to have a badge” :smiley:

Whatever, it’s all been decided already anyway and I will not post another word on the matter.

maybe you are happy with someone elses nomination so don’t need to nominate anyone else.

Then post saying I agree with so and so.

But why ???

In every democratic society your vote is anonymous so why should TPR be different ?

Of course though this is what the team will degenerate into a knit picking fiddly arsed multi tiered team, if I’d have known that I’d have stayed with OCUK all those years ago.

Well if not the Poll created is invalid - should be removed
and re-posted correctly.

The poll is asking very clearly… if riddler has incorrectly posted you all need to
get your act together back there in the Jedi Temple


Perhaps we chould cancel the whole idea if it takes a mere 10 mins to degenerate into a bunfight?

The poll is clear in its intent to give everyone a choice. Riddlermarc set the rules - if these are not acceptable can the whole thing and we can have a list of nominees and vote on that. Anonymously.

Why oh why does every decision or poll have to end up with bad blood? If people don’t like the idea - they’ll vote it out. If people like the idea - they will vote it in. Can’t be simpler can it?