Tiberium Alliance - missing the team spirit....


Finally got a NAP with James188822 of the True Bloods which should help us in the long term. Should also confuse the Nemesis and Only The Strong who were allied to them, sort of. Now on with the war… :smiley:


not sure if this will work because some players move around, but this is how things look at the moment, you can see the blank areas we can maybe sneak through in the top left corner of the second (zoomed) image

TPR =Red
Nemesis = yellow
Only the Strong = pink
True Bloods = light blue
Ucorp = dark blue
Federation = orange
No Alliance = white


Nice one Wolly. Good to know where everyone is and it looks a bit like the NW passage is the appropriate route to assume.


If Sheep needs an account sitter for a while, I wonder where we could find one



Sheep would love to be still playing… but I cant access the account anymore :confused:

The email the account is registered under doesnt allow me to login to the game anymore for some reason :confused:



Cookie delete ?
Are you playing over 3G ?


You mean you can’t even get a forgotten password link Sheepy?


I am moving upwards and then back round and down to the southeast to see if I can backtrack behind DarkFire and you guys can come back round from the left and attack the others coming in from the south west. We should be able to surround them :slight_smile:


I hit Darkfires ‘wave’ base this morning and fully expected it to get hammered in return - but he seems to have moved it out of range instead.

Maybe he’s expecting me to move it further away but I’ll leave it where it is hoping he hits it. If he does, he then can’t move, which leaves him open to a mass counter attack when we all drop into his area :lol:


Great idea m8. Gotta wait for Ganfer now though :frowning:


ouch I didn’t expect him to hit me already

the lvl 13 is probably our easiest one to take out . . . so we’ll go for the lvl 17, he won’t be expecting that :lol:


I got a forgotten password link… changed the password… logged in and it just said set up a username… then pick a universe… then it suggested uni 40 :confused:

So annoying :frowning: I just needed a little break while I moved house :frowning:


make sure you’re logging in to World 27 Euro

it’s a fiddle though isn’t it :frowning:


Having trouble maintaining cash for upgrades, so moving north to find some new Forgotten places with crates that I can plunder for res. Hope to keep ahead of Darkfire too, although I know I can take at least one of his bases. Been there, done that :smiley:


Good bit of fun up north. Still looking to head NW, but passage seems a bit crowded. Might head West instead. Think there’s a gap there. What do you think?


Looks like Tobyak is stalking us though. We’ve all jumped NW out of his range but he’ll probably follow again.

I reckon a quick jump back East will throw him miles off :lol:


Sounds like a good idea.


I think we’re safe for a while now and the planned targets proved profitable. Are we still OK to swing West now do you think? Would like to head towards the middle if poss.


Heading south is a possibility as it looks fairly clear for a short distance, then south west towards the large bases around the back of our friends :).


Since the server is down for maintenance right now, I thought I’d look up the changes they’re putting in. Not sure I even understand many of them…

One interesting one is when you attack a base, you’ll still be restricted in movement for 20 hours, but you can move within 10 fields around the attacked base. So that might help move you into range for a 2nd base for attack for example. It seems to imply attacking more than one base at a time will lead to a restricted range of movement.

Another is when moving, you can move on top of a forgotten camp/outpost.