Tiberium Alliance - missing the team spirit....


The new improvments have made the server hellishly slow though :(. I turned off all the animations, message windows etc and I’m still only getting between 15 and 20fps and the windows aren’t being populated whilst the battle is in progress so I have turrets, but no vehicle they should be attached to showing. Grr! They’re there in the replay, but that sort of defeats the point of watching a battle.


Wont run on my laptop firefox, but I never tried before so don’t know if that’s a new thing. Works fine in chrome though.


Firefox just hangs with a graphics error and no screen. IE8 won’t work, must be IE9. Safari won’t run it either with the same issues as Firefox. STicking with Chrome for now. Might have a look at Opera, but don’t hold out much hope of it working


Looks like it has been updated to death.

I suppose you get what you pay for with a free game.

So whats next Ogame-II ?


We used to take the pi$$ out of Ogame relentlessly, but it still remains one of the best browser games we played as a team. It’s the fierce overly protective moderation that often spoiled the playing experience. Although C&C is still enjoyable it lacks the true PvP fun that Ogame had - it’s silly shouting chaaaarrgge when you can only move 10 or so spaces coupled a forced 20hr wait until the next one :wink:

I guess the PC brigade have deemed it unethical to have games where players want to kill each other over & over again :frowning:


Well, opportunity beckons.

After the update a new European map is available on server 43, opened today.

I’ve had a play on the current map but I think we could make a proper nuisance of ourselves on a new server with enough players.

Any interest ?


I’m game for a new venture, so count me in. :slight_smile:


I’m in world 36 as a NOD so I can play as a different race, usual name TPRDroid


new server works for me, are we doing it ?

or are you lot already there :lol:


Just started in World 43 as well. :slight_smile: Currently sat in the North at 541:106


bloody typical, I just started in the SSE 802:738 :lol:

Just looking for some POI but can’t move yet. Will wait to see where the others go and relocate to the majority :wink:


Want me to create an Alliance?


Doh! Didn’t see posts here so I started on 43 in SW sector… gonna be fun joining up again when the time comes. Gone noddy for a change.


Well someone has to form the TPR alliance Droid, may as well be you.

I’ve just formed one for the tutorial . . . Pigeons of War (PoW) :slight_smile:

will delete it shortly


I’m in at about 3 o clock, East ?

Nothing but noobs here so happy to move ASAP


Almost the middle of the SE sector here, none of us can move yet though so plenty of time to organize a meet :slight_smile:

Probably need to suss out the best area to fight our way into the Yellow sector for some POI’s too - wonder if world 43 has been incorporated into the World Map yet :chin:




Whoohoo hiya DT :wavey:


By the skin of our teeth we have a spot at rank 27 in the team stats.

Anybody else want to get stuck in and help out?
Every team in front of us has more members so to make progress we simply need more players.

Wheres that Judge fellow these days ?


I do miss Judge in the online gaming fight stakes. Had some good fun in the past. But anyone else fancy a bit of World domination and fun trashing people, come on in.