TPR Wear

Tell me what you want, and a size.

The poll will record who asks for what, this way when I get it I’ll know who to come looking for

If you have a ‘special’ order ie you want different sizes or multiples of one item please post in this thread.

This poll will remain active only untill the 5th November at which point I’ll need to order to enable delivery in time for Mojo’s

Postage will be anything up to £5 depending on how much you order and where it’s going.

**** Posting in this Poll is a sign of intent to buy ****

Cool, what are we getting? Black golf shirts with the logo?

Sorry if this has been asked before.

male T-shirt

Large :slight_smile:

Any chance you could indicate what aprox size each is… i mean i’m not sure if i’m large or Xlarge or whatever :slight_smile:

I know i’m not a medium because thats what i brought last time and it doesn’t fit :stuck_out_tongue:

Male t-shirt and unisex sweatshirt large…i know they’ll be too big to start with but i tend to shrink things in the wash :smiley:

two fleeces please, not sure of the size, probably x-large.


sorry Adam, i voted before reading the poll fully. i thought it was asking what we would be INTERESTED in purchasing, not actually placing an order.

Colors? Design? Pics?

I answered the question before the damn poll was up:eek:

Ignore my stupidness

Seeing as your grabbing in time for Mojo’s, I guess that means those at Mojo’s wont have to pay postage?

May select a fleece later if I can see what it looks like before hand but I’ve said yes to a T-shirt

any pic or a general idea ? sorry to be a pain.

ohh and please don’t tell them over at the anologue dank room i wanna buy a tpr fleece and i got a t-shirt already ! they might sack me :eek:

/me goes and posts link to this in the dankroom !!

I’ll be looking to have a sweatshirt and male t-shirt, probably XXL depend ant on the size :slight_smile:

Images of the style’s of the items can be found here, all will be black, with the logo embroiderd on the front of all and screen printed on the back of the T-Shirts only.

to collect at mojos :smiley:

Only medium so far :smiley:

Fleece for mojos collection please.

Will collect mine at mojo’s too :smiley:

Payment however you want it… before or on the day :slight_smile:

yup collection at mojo’s :smiley:

well the vague plan is to get them deliverd to Mojo as I’m assuming most of them will go from there.

i should have enough money to get a t-shirt on the day, but im not 100% sure whether i will have the money on the day so what you reckon i should do? order now or hope on the day?