Upgrade to 3.5.2 Discussion Thread

Please post any things you wish to know about the upgrade and the new features here. Not so much for a so what is new, more a how do I use this new button.

Bug reporting may be done here also - I am aware that for some users and browsers the DHTML drop down menus on search and quick links are currently not working correctly.


Mc is unable to post…hes unable to do anything ( leave it :wink: )

anyways…msn convo

.‘David 's sara’. … said:
log out and back in
-{[ºFÅTÅ£ÏT¥º]}-[Seren Sez: Alot of crazy :censored:, usually with an adorable lisp.] said:
its bugged dai
-{[ºFÅTÅ£ÏT¥º]}-[Seren Sez: Alot of crazy :censored:, usually with an adorable lisp.] said:
its fu***d

-{[ºFÅTÅ£ÏT¥º]}-[Seren Sez: Alot of crazy :censored:, usually with an adorable lisp.] says:
still cant post st
-{[ºFÅTÅ£ÏT¥º]}-[Seren Sez: Alot of crazy :censored:, usually with an adorable lisp.] says:
its f

@bin - I’ll look into it - deleted the post rather than take the time to edit it.


/edit - I think he may be winding you up http://forums.teamphoenixrising.net/showthread.php?p=308729#post308729

ye thnx DT was just gona come edit it… I was wondering why he had posted…but hes not messsing… I believe he cant post :confused:

has he completely deleted the contents of his temporary internet files folder ?

The quick post users Ajax and dhtml to work and he may have some part of the older javascript files in his temp file.

Nothing appears out of sorts this end :confused:


I did tell him to do that weather he has or not…god only knows…

Thnx DT


Wheres the snow gone? :frowning:

I seem to have lost the snow as well :frowning:

I changed your style MC to rule out any javascript problems - bottom left of forums page, change to TPR Forums instead of the Bah Humbug :slight_smile:

note that the snow starts at the top of the page, so on long threads it appears as if the snow has gone :wink:


DT… can you look into what the session length is set at

I keep wandering off and on my return :wink: on doing refresh I’m logged out
mean’s re-signing in everytime.

Suspect you have a short session length or I’ve got an odderty :wink:

My cookies were cleared pre-last nights upgrade so all should be fine my end.

you know how long ive been waiting for that:mad: take yer time why dont ya :rolleyes:

btw - the snowflakes may look nice but as they are java they kinda don’t do nice things on crunching machines :wink:

@PMM you have remembered to check the remember me checkbox haven’t you ? Before it was checked by default - now it isn’t - at least I think that’s true :slight_smile:


…I also can’t see them under Firefox, but I can under IE6 :confused:

I’ve installed the java plugin so I’m still :confused: . Not a major big issue, but one of those annoying little Firefox bugs…

Don’t want it to remember me :wink:

But equally if I don’t post for a few mins I don’t want to be logged out either :wink:

Normally the remember me option is a cookie based way of making it so you don’t
need to re-login if you change url or close down.

Next time you click the forum link or type the url you back and don’t need to
go through the logging in process.

Problem I’m seeing is i’m not actually moving away from the tpr url or closing down
staying effectively on the main index.

But leave it a few mins and, that’s it logged out.

Normally there is a session length setting or maybe called a ‘timeout’ in VB not sure that should define how long a user gets before your classed as not active and you effectively get your session terminated.

Iit’s set to 900 seconds(15minutes), the setting as far as I am aware has not changed.

I’ll take a read through the faq’s to see if anyone elses if experiencing similiar. Hands up users getting the same if not using the remember me button :wave:


It might be one of those odd ball odderities, but I never use the remember me
option at work for obvious reasons :wink:

15 mins is the default, think it used to be 30 in earlier versions.

Seems odd though it deffo seems to be timing out before then, in fact it been
occuring before I can submit a post in the time of writing it to posting it.

indeed hands up if you notice it :nod:

No biggy to be honest just a mild annoyance :chuckle: it can be got around using the remember me, just relient on me remembering at some point to hit the logout :wink:

I was hoping the fact MC couldn’t post was a new function of the forum software.

I too wondered how long it would be before that one clicked in someones brain.

You cheeky @rse :smiley:

I was having major troubles, such as being redirected to the Swordfish tinternet coporate website after logging in (WTF), but it seems ok now…for the moment. Well see.

All looks very nice DT, thanks for your efforts:thumbsup:

has the snow been compleatly removed?

the snow should still be there on the style “TPR Forums”. Firefox does not display it apparently :frowning: and in IE it eats CPU resources :bondage:

I’ll just have to find another christmas type plugin to use :lol: