Wcmut - 2019


Time for a new What Cheered Me Up Today thread
The old one spanned ten years

So, there I was reading the local snoozepaper online and the Crown court has published a new naughty list.
Sometimes people I went to school with show up in here so I keep an eye one.

A name cropped up that sounded familiar (Read this in a Ronnie Barker voice - Porridge)

Not from school, he seems to be a frequent flyer through the courts and despite stealing 35 quids worth of detergent failed to make a clean getaway on this occasion.

The part that cheered my up was the anonymised court data.
All in there with the defendants name anonymised, case number, date of expected release, uven a map showing crime location.

Nope no chance of identifying who this relates to thanks to all that anonymisation work




WCMUT - Finally getting my Oculus up and running :grin:


Got it sorted yet ?


Pretty much. Got Beat Saber installed and some songs added but more to do.


You getting sweaty with it ?


New VR covers arrived

Easily gives an extra 40% playtime before that “slippy” feeling


Slippery when wet? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If not, phone that Jenny Eclair bint, she has a lotion for that.

Every flipping ad break she deploys the word “Bothersome”

In between the adverts for “too itchy” or “Foreplay in a tube” and how to confidently play tennis whilst on the blob and showing your pristine tighty whities as all the evidence we need as a bit of legal upskirting.

This sounds like a WAMT but …

I have setup a recording schedule for all the stuff I want to watch now and FF past all that crap.
Yes I am a tightwad that mostly watches freeview, but now I am avoiding all the blipverts.

Max Headroom


Work on changing our bathroom to a wetroom started today (finally) cheered me up today. Although it does mean at least 5 days without a bathroom :roll_eyes:


No bathroom you say.
The keywords you need are “Hello, I would like sign up for your free gym membership”

I was fully enrolled at my local for two weeks of swim/sauna/steam room.

Did I even climb the stairs to be with the sweaty people ?
Far too much effort required.


I have a gym membership…haven’t used it since the day I got it :joy:

We’re going old skool with washing hair at kitchen sink and having strip washes at sink in downstairs loo :grin:


Is it done yet ?
Friday is not a good day for snags to happen in building projects.

My builders always seem to need a tool they forgot to load on the van or need to “nip off to get some left handed nails” just before mid-day and that would be the last you see of them until Monday.


For the most part, it is :grin: Just need the decorator on Wednesday to do his part and then Barry to put shelves etc in and it will be done! Although it will take a few weeks no doubt for Caylin’s shower trolley to get here which means we’ll need to improvise when showering her until then :roll_eyes:

There will be fights to get in the shower tonight :joy:


Car is back from the car doctor :smiley:


I was amused by the contents of an Ebay purchase that arrived yesterday, not the thing I ordered but the manner in which it was packed.

There was a token layer of bubble wrap round the item in an oversized box, the extra space being taken up with scrumpled A4 sheets of printout.

In this day of identity theft and account tampering I like to render sensitive documents unreadable, fire being the preferred method but not this chap.

Bank statements, details of flights, cruises with all the personal details filled in, a speed awareness course and even some printed sheet music of his own composition.

My ebay purchase came with two hot swap PSUs.
I needed just the one but both of these are good so I have a spare, which I could keep or stick back on Ebay for twice the price of the chassis it came in.


Have you signed him up for the British Felching Society yet ?
Not like you to miss out on a bit of mischief…


Being able to go on Beat Saber again after a week off due to problems with my shoulder cheered me up no end today :smile:



See Both Pictures…


the thought of Becky walking to the office reception multiple times to pickup my decoration parcels for project “Nice Shoes”

not bad for ebay randoms after a bottle of wine, the video call we had it looks like the stuff I ordered is reasonably sensible


Having a post deleted by the BBC HYS made me chuckle.

Massive Ginger Contingent is apparently a “racist, sexist or homophobic” term