Welcome to 2023 - TPR Lan Dates for February

The weekend of the 4th of February for the next LAN at the https://thehighwaymanpub.co.uk/

Fantastic LAN conditions and hardware with a side order of great food and a fun social weekend, or just a fun few hours if you pop in to say hello!

Looking forward to seeing old and new as always.


Yessss :partying_face: not scheduled to be in work :sweat_smile::beers::beer::beers:

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oh arse, in London doing DR testing (hopeful this is the last one now)…

one could suggest that a signiifcant DR test could be the DR tester not turning up …

To this day, when DR is mentioned I still hear in my head Lynn Faulds Wood from Watchdog with her catchphrase, “potential disaster” :smiley:


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I am sure there is a strike of some sort into February that would be an attendance disruption within london :smirk: :sweat_smile:

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Recovery media : check
Recovery steps : check

Staff that actually know how to do this… oh shyte; missing :smiley:

Does seem a daft time to be doing this but hey ho.

Imagine you are in a car-park sitting in a big air conditioned lorry.
You have a box of DAT tapes (yes it was a while ago)
You have a Fast-Ethernet cable (100mb) to plug into a switch and bare-metal servers.

Time to get the DB server image running and linked to the prod network…

“frecover: restoring incremental subset… Filesystem may be incomplete”

Imagine somebody forgot to enable periodic full backup for YEARS…

We had a “Severity Metrics Chart” to record issues as Mild, Medium, Severe and Abandon
As this was a while ago the actual category names were

Finding the one and only full backup in the DBA’s bottom drawer saved the exercise from hitting full Gobshite.
Had the office been a smoking husk, recovery would not have been possible.

DR testing isn’t always a waste of time :slight_smile:

DAT tapes, is that a tape from du’hud blood?

I will reply to this one, it hasn’t landed on a Birthday weekend.

It is the week after a critical MOT though so planning may be required to organise transportation.

So it is a definate maybe…

till recently a 2nd copy of the mksysbs for some of the production systems where still on DAT (DAT160 but still DAT Tape)

Do these usually start on Friday or Saturday?

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Sgt normally sets it all up ready for Friday evening, then we have all Saturday
Pub has the room back for Sunday lunch service.


Slacker !

Slack with the best of them :yum:

Can I watch the rugby ?

I would be very surprised if the Six Nations were not the cause of a significant increase in the drinking rate :slight_smile:


We can arrange it, maybe on a big screen too.


There’s a rumour going around that Speedo is coming down on Friday night and staying over until Saturday Evening.
Also Damski may make an appearance in his house on wheels. Staying over in the car park.

Will be good to catch up with these two reprobates. Not seen them in a while.

Fingers Crossed.



Hmmm, only up north but there are predictions that seven inches of TRAVEL CHAOS is coming