What annoyed me today...


[QUOTE=placidsheep;456962]Ban the co-admin…

Strangely enough a couple of valid users suffered friendly fire. His was one of them :smiley:


Good shooting :trophy: Lol


Spilling the remains of a cider bottle onto my PC… Thankfully it appears to have missed the ports and hasn’t gone into the case.


Yeah, but how much cider did you save? Get your priorities right man… :lol:


It was a spent bottle with the dregs left in it. Slightly more dregs than I thought I had left it in mind.


Getting up early this morning to go on a works course… driving through the snow to get there… when I get wait around for 30 mins to then find out the course had been cancelled… nice of them to let me know!!! :furious:


Just got home after spending 12 hours in my car most of it on the A217 not moving .


Still annoyed by getting a splinter last night.

It was a properly big one though, matchstick sized, in one part of my hand and back out 2cm from where it went in.

Thought I had got it all out, but no a hour or so later it was already festering and throbbing.

Surgical spirit
more beer

All fixed now though and didnt bleed too much.


The Royal Mail…

Earlier this week ordered some new fans to replace some old and noisy ones in an Enermax PSU… and they were dispatched same day on next day delivery…

And they still haven’t landed!!! :furious:

It’s not as though I live in deep in the Scottish Highlands, cut off from the rest of the world by snow… And all my other mail seems to be getting through!!!

Good job I have a spare PSU!!!


This was last weekend but the christmas decorations on the forum reminded me.

Went to a beefeater for lunch with some friends and the waitress went through the specials

“and for dessert we have a home style X Mass pudding”

Which won her a Paddington stare and a question, “Is that Christmas pudding?”

“No its home style X Mass pudding with cream”

I had coffee
she had 50 pence as a tip


Went into O2 today and enquired about adding minutes to my Dell Streak - I want an Android phone but I currently have 2 contracts - my Blackberry Curve 8520 and my Dell Streak so I wanted to know if I could cancel my Blackberry contract and add minutes (and move my number) to my Streak.

The reply was only if I cancel both contracts and take out a new one on the Streak. So overall they wanted about £700 to cancel both contracts (Streak has about 18 months left, the BB about 12). Throughly annoyed. How can they not just add minutes to a contract? Surely it’s not that hard and it’s not like I’m not wanting to fulfill my contract. I want the phone and I want the contract but I want to add to it. :blink:

To me, not letting me add minutes makes no sense.


Its not supposed to make sense, its a business they’re running :slight_smile: There’s a reason for all those 12, 18, 24 month contracts


Yeah but I didn’t want to stop anything :frowning: Just combine into one. PITA they cant combine 2 contracts into 1.

Also, I remember why BOINC annoys me - I’m attached to 2 projects, why does it insist on running 2 tasks for 1 project on both cores rather than 1 task of each project on each!? Madness.:sigh:


Gah, stuff doesn’t seem to be going right this month at all.

First, was the puncture and new tyre needed for the road bike. Next was the news I needed a new drive train for the campus bike. Then it was hassle with eBuyer over a delivery (which finally arrived).

Now me screen has a line of dead pixels and has to be RMA’d back to CCL so I have to wait in all day for a courier :frowning:


You are having troubles at the mo Chris :(. Still, it can only get better, hopefully :D.


Finding a nice layer of mould in my cupboard :frowning:


Homeserve phoning me up today… for the nth time about taking out a 99p a month policy to insure my water supply pipe!!!

Those guys will not take “NO” for an answer!!! :furious:


Tell them you would like to see a representative but they have your address wrong, give them the house number of whoever annoys you most in the street you live in and get a new phone number.


Lost my main rig - mother board with bulging capacitors- unfortunately OEM license for Vista home Premium. so Folding PPD down a lot .


New Virgin media super hub arriving - go through activation etc and it wont connect - I briefly was able to access the hub itself, now that seems screwed. Old router doesn’t work either now. Luckily Streak supports tethering so I can access the web via that as Virgin wont speak to me as I’m not the account holder :frowning: