What annoyed me today...


getting my policy for Dyson repair thingy only to find it’s a Homeserve policy with more terms and conditions than I can shake a stick at :frowning:


Clueless people put in charge of recruiting have annoyed this week.

Its happened three times now that I work out mid interview that the recruiter doesnt actually know what the hell they want from an employee.
Each time the original jobserve posting has been re-submitted with new skills requirements and in one case less money.

So as of now I will be asking for travel costs to attend interviews.


Getting a letter off British gas saying they were sorry that they were losing my custom… when I had never asked to be transferred to another supplier.

There is another house on the same street with the same number but has a different postcode… and it was him that requested the change but gave the wrong postcode (ie mine) … Scottish gas just gave British Gas the details of the house number and the incorrect post code, not the name of the account… :furious:

After checking serial number on my meter they apologised and said they will correct the error… Perhaps they should have checked earlier on!!! :furious:


I had one of those because I was transferred to billing a/c dual fuel and the machine thought I’d left BG.


So it started getting slower and slower, and stopped. Powered off, tried to reboot and gets to the windows loading screen (very faint in the BG) and no movement.

Currently doing a Diag on the HDD. (safe mode won’t work)
And there was me in the middle of a damn big report as well!


Gigabyte board not booting from USB so I cant install linux from USB (and this was after I just removed the damn optical drive)


New [10-03, 10:49] MrTFWitt: Grrr, My builder said “We need to make a small hole in the wall to put in the support steelwork”
New [10-03, 10:50] MrTFWitt: I now have a hole you could fit a cashpoint into where my bloody shower used to be
New [10-03, 10:51] MrTFWitt: And today that hole will be replicated in the outside wall so I will be able to see the neighbours at the kitchen sink
New [10-03, 10:51] MrTFWitt: when I’m in the bath

Because ranting on my own in the chat channel was not very rewarding

Oh and a tipper load of sand has appeared on the drive way five minutes after Spade+Barrow monkey has wandered off to buy ciggarettes


It should amuse me but the joke is wearing thinner.

If you advertise a twenty year old, £100 car on Ebay, with 5 months of road tax why do people insist on asking “Does it have a full service history” ?

Why, of course it does and £500 in used notes in the glove box as well
Yours sincerely
The Pope


My credit card being cloned and details being used to try and purchase some kit from a shop I’d never heard of.

Thankfully credit card company caught it and rejected it. (I suppose it helped the shop was American and the purchase was also over my credit limit). Still, not best impressed.

And from chatting to a mate, it might be because I ordered Bike parts from Chain Reaction Cycles as the cycling club guys have had 3 incidents with cloned cards after using that shop - unsure if it’s related of coincidence but 3 and now 4 would suggest otherwise. :frowning:

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A quick google found some useful information you might like to read

Please contact us directly
We want people who have been directly affected to contact us so we can personally update you by email. Please contact us on +44 (0)2893343758 between 9am – 5.30pm or email enquiries@chainreactioncycles.com and we will be glad to help you.

Thanks again for your patience and support

Michael Cowan
CRC Senior Management


Thanks for that.

Looks like Paypal in the future then! Stupidly I’ve always used Paypal with them before :frowning:


Couple of weeks ago was on the phone to Sky to lower my TV subscription and the topic of phone and broadband came up… The CS rep said they could offer me Unlimited BB with a speed of between 10 and 20 Meg and could do it for under £20 a month… after a bit of negotiation managed to get the £29.99 cost of the connection transfer refunded to me as a discount for 4 months… So agreed to the changeover. Transfer was due to take place on 29/3

Phoned them up today to find out where my new router was and got round to discussing the BB connection… They then dropped the bombshell that I wasn’t being switched onto the LLU equipment but was being dumped onto a BT connection with a speed of 2.5 Meg… not what I was promised!!! :furious:

He also stated I would be without BB for up to 10 days!!! :furious:

During a phone call to my existing ISP (TalkTalk) I was offer the Plus package at half price for 12 months if I agreed to a new contract… so I agreed to stay with them, reluctantly!!!

Sky lied to me, but TalkTalk are just as bad… they could have offered me the discount when I phoned up to cancel, yet they only offered me 3 months discount on the Essentials package…:furious:

All I want is high speed Broadband with unlimited downloads, I don’t need a poxy call plan for phone-calls…



Started towards end of the month, so there are several (all equally valid and fair) methods of calculating a part-month figure. The length of March (31 days) combined with the chosen method, puts me £37 out of pocket compared to the number of days actually worked. :frowning:

Also as a result of starting late in the month, I’m too late to get onto the payroll for March. So i’m being given an advance and its being paid/recovered in April. Unfortunately, I will pay tax/NI in April ON TOP of Aprils salary - so I will pay 13% in NI that i would otherwise save, and 20% tax that i would have saved because i’ve not used my full allowance for 2010/11. Costing another £97.

£134 lost out of £315 due to H/R delaying my start date 2 weeks - fornicating illegitimate orifices! GRR!!

Only upshot was being more highly qualified in payroll, that the payroll manager who tried to bullshit me that i was NOT losing out.
I don’t really mind circumstances conspiring against me, but i bloody HATE bullshit.


The nice people at BT explaining that they’d undercharged us, by mistake, for 10 months for internet.

They’ve explained that they think it’s ‘only fair’ that despite the amount I owe being much, much, greater, in their opinion. I should pay £68. The full amount? They’ll get back to me. Since when? They’ll get back to me. How about the router that crapped out 6 months ago (I couldn’t be arsed to argue with an eastern call centre - I used an old router I had).

Get back to me. Jeepers. :kickbum:


Car passed MOT.

Advisory items:

n/s ball joint
both Macpeherson upper attachments
o/s anti roll bar ball joint
gearbox oil seal



My dog passed away today :frowning:

Completely devastated :frowning:


Virgin Media annoyed the very tits off me today.

My 50Mb modem has the urge to have a bit of a lie down at times, its new(ish) about three months at most but periodically the uncorrectable errors go up an it just stops working.
Turning it off for half an hour will fix it, turning it off for five minutes wont.
The Db/Mv figure is nice and high at 54, google research says a technician is needed for anything over 56.

The next available tech is sometime Saturday.
However I have a Terayon 10Mb dinosaur that works rather well.
Having 50Mb is nice apart from the long, unpredictable spells of 0Mb so I plugged it in and it worked, as far as it could.
It gets an IP address and goes to an activation link so the infrastructure supports it still but it cannot be “activated”, this is as far as I can tell an automated bit of firewall rule updating.

Oi Virgin, give me 10Mb that works and put your phone line I didnt want, your ropey basic TV package and the remaining mythical 40Mb of connectivity up yer “jumper”


Some a**hole stealing the wife’s mobile at work!!! :furious:

Have got the sim and the mobile blocked now… but whoever nicked it didn’t take the sim card out until after I’d rang it a few times…


I’ve had an old car with personal plates sorned on my drive for over a year and have finally got my act together to sell it. Got it a new battery, a bit of a look over and an MoT last week.

Now for some reason, to transfer the plates off, I have to tax it. OK if that’s the way its done - but under the new rules, to tax it I have to insure it.
This is getting expensive for a 1999 car but even if I take it to the scrap yard, I still have to shell out for tax & insurance to get the plates off. :frowning:


that’s insane - have you called DVLA direct, that surely can’t be right even if you take advantage of the 7day no quibble insurance cancellation some firms offer :wink: