What annoyed me today...


Why the f*** would the pharmacy worry about the doctor getting into trouble? Sounds like someone at Boots has a thumb up their arse and is sticking their nose in where it does not need to be.


What annoyed me today? Bloody rain again. :realmad: I don’t get a lot of time off, so why does it rain at weekends? It’s blimmin June for goodness sake. I couldn’t dry my clothes outside so had to put the heating on…in June!! My hedges look like something from the Amazon rain forest. :frowning: I’m sure the sun will come back soon…:sigh:


My thoughts exactly.

27 hours til we set off to the airport and I still haven’t packed yet! Knowing me I’ll leave it to the last minute.


Garden equipment has annoyed me for several days in a row.

I fetch out the strimmer as my Mums garden has got out of control, its not a big garden so its a five minute job with free coffee.

Hah, is it heck.
Over winter, stored in a dry shed it had seized up and the carb was full of junk, took an hour of mucking about.

The Lawnmower joined the party after I ran it out of petrol and clogged up the carb with spiders.
After another hours dismantling, spraying air through and re-assembling with the aid of two toddlers moving screws and tools it worked only to spit off a drive belt and then mow it into tiny bits.



I did chuckle at the image of the drive belt flying off then mowing it up… I am sorry about that.

Nothing to report here on the annoyed side of things… not anything out of the norm anyway :smiley:


Thinking my boss had two weeks off instead of one annoyed me today.


Somebody has been at my back door, they didnt get in but the chipped paint suggests they were trying to force the door.

Maybe they were interrupted or maybe they were just testing the door to see if it would pop and are planning to come back.
They wont find it the same if they come back.

I dont know exactly when it happened so there is little point phoning plod.


Had the same problem. Took off a another door and screwed it inside the frame of the other door with 6 inch screws. Certainly stopped them :smiley:


This annoyed me today http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-19711515

Re-tune the Radiogram ?
Shuffle off ?

I might well carry on listening to it but I certainly wont be trying Radio 2 any time soon.
If the BBC cannot be bothered to cater for listeners between 15 and 55 years of age I’ll stick with Jack-FM

Current Playlist on Jack-FM


'Nuff Said

NB: Car park Catchphrase will not be missed in the slightest.


I miss the snap crackle & pop of Caroline :frowning:


Virgin Mobile annoyed me today.

I need billing information going back 18 months, 12 months are available online but I have a gap.

So I login and use the ask a question form.

The response I get is “Try logging in to view your bill”

If I couldn’t login how the heck did I use the secure “ask a question form” you feckless oaf?
You know, the one where I login first, the one I said I had already used to download the last 12 months bills in PDF.

Anyway I have decided its simpler to try and reverse engineer the view bill button from the web page and fish for my bill.



I seem to have a stalker in my popups.

At first it was Rebecca, only three miles away according to Mature dating.
Then it was her twin but smaller sister Emily in youtube adverts, now only two miles away.

Both of these frightening apparitions are on the “double bagger/ten pint/chew off your own arm to escape in the morning” warning list.

Mature dating, can you put a compass bearing on these adverts?
I need to route plan around them


Fleabayers constantly asking questions about a car your selling with no intention of bidding for it.

Put the old Porsche on fleabay with starting price of £99 on a 5 day auction which finished this evening.

Today, I got sick of answering questions about the condition and history of the vehicle, and guess what? Not one of them placed a bid on it. :furious:

In the end it was won by somebody from London who appears to buy and sell Porsches/Jaguars/Mercs. He is supposed to be making the trip up North on Sunday to collect it.

Did have one question of a guy who was looking to use a 944 in a charity rally… sadly he never bid on it.


Being back to no cars again. one large stone chip and crack in one cars windscreen, and a garage telling me that the other car recently purchased needs more work doing to it than it’s worth, and so begins the argument/ possible legal battle :frowning:


Wanna borrow some spanners ?


Pain in the a$$ when that happens :frowning:


from what I’ve heard - it might need the special LandRover spanner, or an electrical fault as only French cars know how


head gasket leaking oil, turbo return leaking oil, possibly blown turbo, one injector failing (one already replaced), garage believes it isn’t even the original engine, typical french electric fault with the lights, front discs need changing, air con needs regas, slow puncture in the front tyre. but other than that it’s fine :sigh:


Ouch… that doesn’t sound good…


More bloody car annoyance
MOT time for the Avensis, took it to the usual garage (decent place, good service etc) and there was bugger all wrong with the car apart from the ABS and TRC dash lights didn’t go off after starting the engine. Chap took it for a spin around the block but no joy . . so he had to fail it.

. . £430 later and a new Yaw Sensor fitted and it has MOT again - bloody safety my arse