What annoyed me today...


My next door neighbour banging on my door and claiming noise from my house has been causing him to lose sleep over the last couple of nights… and threatening me with getting the council environmental health lot involved.

Sorry, but I’m not guilty of creating the noise he is supposedly hearing. The only noise in my house at night time are my PC’s and the loudest fan is only 25dB.


An Amazon Market place seller advertising cheap Windows 7 OEM disks with COA’s who failed to deliver the goods…

Been building up a AMD A10-5800K based system for a mate at work and 10 days after ordering the OS it still hadn’t arrived despite claims of being posted recorded delivery. After threatening him with negative feedback he eventually agreed to a refund!!!

In the meantime the PC has been undergoing strenuous testing running SIMAP… :smiley:


Strange that, but I ordered a Win7 Pro proper copy with COA from Amazon and it arrived in 3 working days :confused:. Now happily running on my Lenovo lappy :slight_smile:


1st time I’ve ever had a problem with Amazon.

Ebay and Amazon seem to have been flooded with a load of Dell Win 7 PRO OEM disks with unused COA, so it worked out a bit cheaper for me mate. I also acquired one as I think it’s about time to dump XP on my main system. Now I just need to work out how to get rid of the Dell branding… I think i need to do a registry hack.


It’s amazing how many licences would be available just generally. A company I was contracted to bought 100s of Viglen PCs and imaged them all with XP, even though they all had proper win7 COAs on them. Not surprising there are so many available.


Cars annoy me on occasions.

I went to investigate a noisy exhaust issue on the Mitsubishi and poking all the joints revealed nothing so I started taking bits off to check them and hiding behind a heatshield I found a crack in a cast iron manifold.

A bit of googling later and it turns out welding cast iron is harder than breeding Unicorns, a chap with 30+ years as a welder struggles to do it as cast iron varies immensely in its composition and usually cracks somewhere else as the weld cools.
Well beyond the skills and capability of me armed with a cheap Aldi Arc welder then

Ok, lets try and get a price for an authentic part - £370 + vat - I think not, time to cast the net wider

Intapart - No answer, probably the best result after last time
Partsgateway - online query sent
Breakerlink - online query sent

:rolleyes: two days pass…
Then I get a call, much better price, I’m about to buy a perfectly good 24V-V6 shogun and swap the bits at this point so the offer is snatched up, paid up and item is in the post. :mexwave:

Twenty minutes later I get a second quote for half the price

PS: DT fix the tumbleweed smiley, or did I imagine there was one in here ?


:lol: I don’t remember one myself, but it would be an apt addition TFW :smiley:


Decided to treat the wife to a set of headphones to use on our flights to Thialand as sick of getting knacker ones handed out on the planes. Spotted a set of Pink Skullcandy being auctioned on fleabay and put a bid in and won with a bid of £8.50… Paid with Paypal right away… two weeks later still not received them and seller hasn’t even bothered to reply to any messages… that’s twice in the last month I’ve been messed around with by ebay sellers!!! :realmad:


Darn foot valve stuck on the well; now to pull 80 feet (‪24.384‬ meters) of line up. . . gee what fun for an old girl.


LOL… after getting my refund for the headphones the seller put them back on fleabay within 12 hours… obviously my negative feedback had an effect cos nobody bid’ed for them this time… And to make things even better managed to pick up a new in box set in purple for only £1.50 more than the pink “little used” ones would have cost delivered…


Well I do love springtime. . . but hate the snakes that comes with the season. Two down today (hiding in our shed), yet there will be more to come.
Time to stock up on shells.


Your snakes hide in the shed?

Over here they hide in the Houses of Parliament :lol:


[QUOTE=wolram;467024]Your snakes hide in the shed?

Over here they hide in the Houses of Parliament :lol:[/QUOTE]

Yep we have a few in Congress too; which oddly enough I almost didn’t shoot one of those snakes. . . he almost convinced me he’d benefit me more then I could imagine; so when I asked a few questions he just started going on and on about Green Eggs and Ham. That just annoyed me, and the hammer went down. ~Smiles~

(filibuster, Ted Cruz)


Spent all winter making sure all the little cottontails had plenty to eat, and yet not one of those little turds brought me any Easter eggs today. . . searching cookbook for rabbit stew.:smiley:

Just kidding, I’ll keep feeding them.


:lol: You’re too soft. :smiley:


You don’t know the half of it. . . there is a mini pig that travels three miles down the dirt road every day to play with the dogs, and to get a snack. Then another neighbors two horse escape at least once a week to visit. Up to nine deers come twice a day to eat. . . You ask why. Hmm in the shed I keep Dog, deer, rabbit, and mini pig food oh and always have a spare mini bale of hay. Mandy wonders why the freezer is empty all the time. Well disability payment can only go so far. :smiley: Yep I’m a softy for animals.


Last night got annoyed by my ISP cos my connection speed had dropped and land line stopped working… Running the diagnostics from their website had the fault pinpointed as being inside my house. Suspecting the fault was not inside my house at all i lodged a fault report which resulted in BT Openreach vans checking the telegraph pole that feeds my house and lo and behold found a line fault at the pole. But still no improvement in my connection, infact it was becoming worse, but at least could phone out but not receive calls. Cue phone-call to Customer Service call centre in India to get my ADSL line profile reset and call divert lifted on my line. Why the hell didn’t they reset it when Openreach told them the line fault had been repaired!!! :furious:


The accountants at Mitsubishi annoyed me the other evening, a quick change of brake pads descended into a frenzy of hammers and swearing due to cheap as chips material quality.

Just to lull you into a false sense of how simple a job this should be, here is a picture of a Shogun brake caliper looking shiny and new

How hard can it be I hear you ask, well fast forward 10 years and try to remember these were once separate components.


Tried to change the front brake pads on the old Porsche 944, not long before I got rid, as it was coming up to an MOT and after spending 2 hours trying to get the pins out I gave up and let the garage do it. I couldn’t budge them no matter what!!! And the fitting kit for the pads cost more than the pads.


Just for added shiggles I replaced the cracked manifold on the Shogun, my collection of odd sized spanners and sockets were fantastic and all was going well until I realised the entire exhaust needs to come off to get the manifold out.

Thats the point the rear silencer decided it was no longer attached to the centre silencer.

Time to open a tin of Larsens Biscuits