What annoyed me today...


Sounds like my decorating fiasco. Cascade plaster failure when stripping wallpaper. Remove paper, plaster falls off. Never simple is it… :sigh:


3 power cuts in 2 hours last night…:furious:


Where to Fiend?


It’s only a simple headlight bulb replacement on a Toyota Avensis, how :censored: hard can it be?









:lol: Probably the same as a Peugeot where you have to removed the inner wing liner just to get access to the bulb area :smiley:


Most damn cars are the same now regarding difficulty replacing bulbs, I should have gone to Halfords (free fitting apparently) but was hesitant to trust some young spotty £3 an hour assistant to do the job while updating his facebook at the same time. :chuckle:

yes I’m still a cynical old sod :wolram:


The Peugeot headlights require you to make a shape with your hand that would look as if you had a horrible accident with some heavy machinery and your face also mimics you being in one when your trying to fit it.

horrible things.


The part that amuses me is the French ask you to carry a spare set of bulbs in the car as though you would be doing that at midnight on a rainswept hard shoulder while a man in a flat hat stands there tutting in a Gallic fashion.


Also while having two breathalyzer tests and a high viz jacket for every person in the car? Knowing how difficult the things are to change id suggest carrying new headlamps in the car rather than the bulbs. Much easier and cheaper in the long run!!


Wife took my keys, oops for her. Looking for spares now!


I just triggered the anti-fraud check on my credit card :eek: :doh: :smiley:


Finding on Ebuyer that I can now get a 27" Acer monitor for the same price as I paid for my 24" Acer monitor just a couple of months ago. Grrrrr


The newest kitchen appliance in the house, the shiny new tumble dryer has a product recall as it is a fire hazard.


Thank you Hotpoint although the brand name should have been a clue.

Lets see if AO.com want to just give me a refund


A…O…Oh No…! :smiley:


I had a reply from AO, it was more FO than AO, but very, very, polite.

But on a positive note I “Can still use the appliance as long as it is not left unattended”
There are few things less interesting to watch than a tumble dryer, Cricket has it by a slender margin but I didn’t buy a cricket team.

Besides, if it bursts into flames, what am I supposed to do ?
Lighting bonfires that make the local news, not a problem, putting out a house fire ?

There is a reason we have an emergency service for fires and its stuff like setting fire to a house that makes up a big part of their client base.
I dont think shouting “Dont Panic!” in a Clive Dunn voice whilst filling a jug to throw into a sudden inferno will have much effect.
It probably invalidates my house insurance if I could be arsed to read the very small print on that.

Thanks AO, that impending dishwasher purchase will NOT be involving you, John Lewis is a likely candidate, especially if they throw in a Telescope as good as the one in the adverts.


An annoying fleabay buyer…

Claims the Arcam Alpha 5 Amplifier he bought off me was faulty… Sorry, but before packing I fully tested it and there was absolutely nothing wrong with it. And it’s funny how he waited over 10 days after receiving it to claim it was faulty. I had sent him an email 2 days after delivery asking if he was happy with it - he never replied…

He is claiming a specialist is quoting him £60 to diagnose/repair it, no doubt expecting me to pay up…

Seems all too suspicious…



As I’m hunting a new contract I have to speak to Recruitment Consultants

Some are nice, well as nice as you can be over the phone when all they are doing is chasing a fee and a slice of your day rate.

Some are obviously using a VOIP line that appears to be in a UK city but in reality is probably somewhere decidedly less 1st world, but that £250 finders fee goes a long way in a place where livestock wanders the streets.

Some will ask for a reference and then start haggling with your referee to “Back fill your new vacancy”, often before you have even left, despite assurances that they wont.
These are my least favourite types, I refer to these with the abbreviated version of Consultants


:lol: Know what you mean TFW :smiley:


This should be in the cheered me up thread but today I went to the place we used to call “The TIP!”
The final resting place of stuff beyond repair, unfit for sale even with a humour laden and wildly optimistic description.

Part of the mission was to dispose of the Fire Hazard tumble dryer as its last attempt at immolation was its death sentence.
Even repaired by a Hotpoint Engineer to stop the heater filling with fluff and burning down the house was not enough to save my Whirlpool / Hotpoint Aquarius TVFS73BGP - Serial: 507170105.
The heater stopped heating again, thermostatic cut out had kicked in and needed to be replaced.
When I pulled it apart the motor had run hot enough to fuse the rubber belt onto the spindle so a completely different reason for catching fire was in there.

I couldn’t sell it, even to somebody I didn’t like so I chopped off the plug and launched it into the bottom of the metal skip with a satisfying clang and bounced a couple of handy lawn mowers off it for good measure.

Raaah! Manly feel good stuff.

Next stop, the wood recycling skip, a reasonably solid but damp pallet, not a blue painted one, a disposable unbranded pallet that had fireworks on it.
I have chucked many into the skip, the notice used to say waste wood was used as bio-mass for electricity generation so a worthy cause and fitting end, FIRE!! but managed safely.

Not This time!
In a manner inspired by the Minion Fire response team DEEE-DAAH-DEEE-DAAH-DEEE-DAAH- (etc) a Hi-Viz jobsworth appeared and said (verbatim)

That’s commercial waste, you have to pay” and stood with his hand outstretched.

The Pallet is back at TFW towers as no money was ever going to change hands after such an exchange.

I will probably have half a dozen pallets and a mixture of fencing and wooden garden furniture by November, all items are now charged at £1.50 to be recycled, the Scouts bonfire is going to be a thing of beauty this year.

Polar bears can swim, I’ve seen it on the telly so we don’t need to worry about global warming too much.



Commercial waste pallet, jobsworth of the year award!! Well done on the restraint, I would have smashed it in front of his face (possibly on his face) to make it just some planks of wood, but then I think getting older has not done much for my anger management and tolerance of idiots!