What annoyed me today...


[QUOTE=DoubleTop;468182]W T F

. . . . . I think getting older has not done much for my anger management and tolerance of idiots![/QUOTE]

Welcome to the ‘golden’ age, where whatever you do or say can be attributed to a ‘decline in mental faculties’ . . . it’s brilliant :smiley:


I know I have a birthday next week, but Golden age? Really? :chuckle:



[QUOTE=DoubleTop;468184] . . . but Golden age? Really? :chuckle:


Some people develop the ‘skills’ required to recognise stupidity well before nature says they should. I’ve had mine since I was mid 20’s, but it’s only in old age you’re allowed to get away with it :smiley:




I cannot find the storage unit keys for TIGGER



is there only one :wink:


I had one key for the security gate, its in a “Safe Place” and has been for about a year.

So the Galaxy gets a reprieve from being briefly twin-engined, gives me time to make space in the garage for an engine strip down into many many ziplock bags and boxes.


3 eBay auctions (selling) in a row now have failed to complete thanks to scam signup accounts.

Starting to feel targeted


Car insurance for the daughter, 18 yrs old passed her test 3 weeks ago. Been named driver on mums insurance for about 9 months . . . but it’s over £4k if she gets her own car (or £3.3k if she has a black box fitted) :nono: :moon:

Quite a few low quotes from those ‘compare’ places of between £1000 - £1500 with the black box telemetry stuff, but I don’t trust that crap and there’s lots of horror stories out there.

Apparently this ‘telemetry’ lark is spreading through all age groups now too . . . :chin: I wonder if you can hack the box to return perfect scores :smiley:


A friends son had one fitted and stacked the car into a bridge, not sure how or why but it was a stone bridge and the bridge won.

The company didn’t want to pay out until the black box was scanned or had updated over its 3g connection if thats what they do.

As the car was half in the river and caught fire, there was not much chance of the box working, not sure if they ever paid up.


I’ve suffered back pain for years and a couple of years ago was diagnosed with facet joint arthritus on top of 3 dodgy discs… I’ve had injections into the joints and they have actually worked and allowed me to work normally, without any restrictions at all…

Had an appointment last December, for another injection, but it got cancelled the day before due to the Pain clinic Dr going on sick… Yesterday I finally got to attend the clinic, expecting an injection because for the last couple of months the pain has been getting worse and worse and my own Doctor has signed me off sick… Due to the nature of my job I spend a lot of time on my feet standing… and that’s when my back gets really painful.

Would you believe the Dr who saw me at the clinic told me funding for these injections has been withdrawn and they are now only given on a case by case basis and permission has to be sought to do them…and it could be another couple of months waiting for it to be done… if I’m lucky!!!



that’s sounds rather unpleasant, hope it’s sorted soon


Yep, it is… when I’m walking every time I step onto my right foot I get a sharp stabbing pain on the right side of my lower spine. Just standing up straight for a period of time results in pain and stiffness…

First injection I had was walking without pain and no stiffness within 2 days… And could work without restrictions.

Fingers crossed they’ll continue with the treatment…


Well, was back at the doctors yesterday explained to them about not getting the injection… And the Doctor said perhaps it might be an idea for me to see a spinal surgeon to see if anything can be done surgically…

Fingers crossed it’s a positive outcome!!!


I do hope they can find a longer term solution - best all round then


Lol… it just got worse… suffered a back spasm today,caused by one of my dodgy discs… Luckily not a full on spasm, but it’s going to be sore for a few days… Time to dig out my Diclofenac tablets


What’s annoyed me? Finding out I won’t get paid my extra money for working over Xmas until March because my Line mager put the paperwork in too late to get paid with my February salary…

Worked 12 hour nights on Xmas Eve and Xmas Day and a 12 hour day shift on New Years Day… a mix of double and triple time that’s worth an extra 60 hours just for working my normal shifts…

Not the first time this has happened to me!!!


A telephone call annoyed me today, I’ll put the number here 07799 530309 forGoogle

Asked for my by name, the accent is strong and the line is poor not a good combination but the alarm bells are at Defcon-2 when I hear the jabber of a frantic call centre while a script is being fumbled for

“Hello, I am calling from nationwide, Are you a home owner”
Defcon-3 engaged

“Yes and I have a mortgage with you”
“Ok, but are you a home owner ?”

“Yes, and you you would know this from my details as you work for Nationwide”
“Ok, but are you a home owner?”


“I didn’t take out a mortgage to blow the lot on Coke and Hookers as it wasn’t an option on the application form so Yes I am a home owner and you are a time wasting liar. You do not work for Nationwide and this is a harassment call, do not call me again, I will pass your details to the Police as an attempt at data harvesting with intent to undertake identity theft”

I also suggested a career change but I’m not sure if travel and that very specific activity will ever show up on Jobserve.


You sure ?




The mortgage went on beer and buying out my Ex, so yeah, close enough I suppose.

The credit cards are another matter entirely.