What annoyed me today...

WAMT - Not being able to get to sleep due to pain in stomach & thigh. Pain finally subsided and I nodded off, only to be woken a short time later by alarm :woozy_face:

Thats quite common.
The usual root cause is Sofa-Paralasys progressing to a full furniture-coma causing you roll onto the remotes.

Switch to a low-netflix intake.

Computers have annoyed me this evening.
and indeed Harrumph!


plesk + letsencrypt + docker + ubuntu

Yes, we were down for a while :frowning:

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But as usual you sorted it no probs :biggrin:

WAMT - Housing Association & their contractors. Tbf that’s not just today, it’s been a regular occurrence since October :tired_face:

Some of those HA chaps did a fantastic job of swapping a radiator over at my Mums house.
Old single radiator off, new slightly larger double unit in place hung on the wall where it should be even quite level, popped in without an appointment while she was at the hospital and just cracked on.

They forgot just one thing, compression seals need to be on every pipe if you dont want the tenant to find water slopping out onto the doormat when they come back.

They did pay up eventually for all the things that got water damaged, some of which may not have worked in the first place and may not have even been in the house much less on the floor before Bodgermore&Scarper paid a visit.

She even haggled a few quid extra as running the heating flat out with the windows open to dry the place would cost a fortune, Gawd bless her.

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Good on your Mum :smile:

For us it is the hoist in daughter’s bedroom that needs a new battery as it struggles to lift her and it’s supposed to have a SWL of 350kg which she is just over a tenth of. Numerous times the contractor has been and stated said battery is not in stock and they will order it in. Numerous times we have phoned to chase it up to be told they have no record of it needing replaced :roll_eyes:

Then there is the farce of the HA arranging to change bathroom to wetroom for said daughter. First guy never bothered his ass sorting even a site visit for 3 months. He left and woman took over who actually started the ball rolling. Emailed her yesterday regarding start date (supposed to be this month) to get an auto reply saying she no longer worked there. Phoned HA yesterday to find out what was happening to find out previous lazy ass is doing that job again and of course there was no answer on his phone :unamused:

Had a plasterer I last week to do the bathroom.
“yes, I can get the wall flat” were his words, so I went with it, the guy came highly recommended…

I now have one bathroom wall that redefines the word flat, in the same sense the earth is flat.

Going to have a busy weekend coming up putting his work in bags and depositing it in a skip.


I’m sure there used to be “This is worthless without pics”.
So pictures… No accidental “forgot about the mirror” nakedness in any of the pictures is a must.

If the plaster has a sort of pimply finish, five minutes with a sanding block (not power tools) and it will be fine.
The outside walls of my bathroom did that, sanded then painted and it has been fine ever since.

If you do want to smack it all off, a wide blade SDS chisel is ideal, I have one somewhere in the garage 750w of excessive noise but it removes the chance of smacking your hand with a hammer…

My shoulder playing up is annoying me today :expressionless: Most annoying when you move it some ways and it’s absolutely fine to then move it another way and get hit with a jolt of pain :unamused:

Today youngest daughter’s paediatrician & the hospital CCG win the award for completely narking me off :confounded:

Sod all sleep annoyed me today, especially as youngest and I have a long day going to London & back :sleeping:

How about flat-pack furniture…
The wife purchased a large chest of drawers that arrived in a flat-pack on Friday.
I knew when i stepped in the door and saw the box that my weekend chill-out was wrecked.
Sunday afternoon up in smoke building this crap. It had to be done or the wingeing from the other half would have been epic. The lesser of two evils i suppose…


Due to sickness at work I’ve been working extra shifts since the start of the year… I’ve been working 6 12-hour shifts extra a month… Works out at about an extra £1100 per month on my take-home pay… Found out today I’m not getting paid the extra this month… probably because the form went in too late!!!

Fingers crossed I get double next month as I am currently owed about 130 extra hours worth!!!

And next months pay day is the day before I’m jetting off to Thailand!!!


Despite not having a working real Blackberry for a while I still used BBM.
End of an ERA

Sitting in A&E for over 10 hours with my friend & her daughter waiting on a doctor putting his signature on a form so the daughter could be seen by the appropriate person. Ten fudging hours for a fudging signature :confounded:

Thirty one hours without sleep tends to make one rather cranky :persevere:

You, Cranky ?
Which one - Little Jimmy Cranky ?

:joy: I’m probably about the right height :joy:

Today’s annoyance is youngest child’s teacher and her lack of communication, especially about something that I really need an answer to :angry:

Get medieval on her ass.
That should fix it.

:joy: :joy: